Interactive Stethoscope

Digital Stethoscope with Software-Based Controls

The Interactive Stethoscope is the first digital stethoscope of its kind that provides a remote healthcare practitioner with live stethoscope sounds AND the added functionality to adjust the audio frequency range and volume from their remote site. This USB digital stethoscope is used in conjunction with AGNES Interactive telemedicine software to stream live heart/lung sounds in real-time, and eliminates the need for stethoscope hardware at the receiving end.

The Interactive Stethoscope is a digital stethoscope that provides telemedicine healthcare practitioners with live stethoscope sounds, and part of the AMD Global Telemedicine family of telehealth products and solutions.

Product Features

  • Digital stethoscope with convenient volume controls and frequency filters.
  • Direct USB connection to PC eliminates paring issues typical with Bluetooth devices.
  • Software-based controls (local and remote) to easily adjust frequency ranges based on bell, diaphragm or extended modes.
  • Audio streams through AGNES Interactive web-based portal to deliver live heart/lung sounds to remote provider at receiving end.
  • No external hardware controls required for sound amplification or frequency filters.
  • No stethoscope hardware or software needed at receiving end.
  • No centralized server required.

Frequency Modes:

  • Bell: 20Hz - 250Hz
  • Diaphragm: 20 Hz - 1,000 Hz
  • Extended: 20 Hz - 2,000 Hz

Integration with AGNES®

  • Simultaneously capture and share medical device data

  • Exchange documents and medical images

  • Participate in a live video conference with the remote consulting physician

Note: There are no user fees or doctor fees associated with AGNES and unlimited receiving sites.

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