What We Do

For the last 30 years, AMD Global Telemedicine has been a pioneer of Telemedicine and an industry leader in telehealth solutions. As we have grown over the years to positively impact healthcare delivery using the latest advancements in digital technology, our range of telehealth medical devices and solutions have evolved.

AMD’s telehealth solutions include software platforms, integrated medical devices, and telemedicine bundled kits that empower healthcare providers to deliver the highest possible level of care to any patient, anywhere, regardless of the circumstances.

What makes AMD stand apart as a provider of telemedicine solutions is the software we engineered to aggregate and deliver the information from a remote patient examination, in 100% real-time.

The secure and encrypted cloud-based platform (AGNES Connect™) allows healthcare providers not only to connect with patients regardless of location, but also the ability to instantly gather and analyze information so they can diagnose and treat patients from afar.

Experienced and Dependable

Not every healthcare provider’s ideal solution is the same. AMD’s commitment to working alongside your organization means crafting, implementing, and supporting a telemedicine solution that will provide business value to your organization.

This process, combined with our experienced team here at AMD, results in a customized telehealth solution that can enhance your care delivery models while addressing specific specialties, and grow with your practice to meet the needs of the patients that rely on you. Solutions this impactful to an organization only go so far without support behind them. AMD recognizes that. 

Our Mission

Embrace change, listen to customers  and create Telehealth solutions  that empower healthcare organizations to deliver care through digital technology.

All AMD telehealth medical devices and software solutions are backed by a dependable and experienced service and technical support team to keep your telemedicine program running. AMD phone lines are open 24/7 and email and video conference support service is available world-wide to address all questions and provide consultation. When you place a service call to AMD, we work with you to assess the issue and then help resolve it to the best of our ability.

Telemedicine will continue to evolve and change the way healthcare is delivered across the world. AMD is dedicated to further expanding our expertise by diversifying our customers globally and adapting new digital technology tools and applications, to their specific use cases.

AMD Telemedicine telehealth medical devices are easy to use and implement in your healthcare system

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