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Need technical support?

Online Support:

You will find all sorts of helpful information and technical support documents for AGNES telemedicine software such as:

  • FAQs and troubleshooting tips
  • user and installation manuals
  • quick start guides for connected devices
  • advanced configuration options

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Training Programs to Ensure Maximum Use of Your Investment

Appropriate training of telemedicine personnel results in increased utilization of the system, improved data collection capabilities, and greater confidence in diagnosis when relying on data collected through telemedicine technologies.

Overwhelmingly, successful telemedicine programs underscore the importance of training to achieve success. AMD provides complete training support for its customers. The following training programs are available from AMD.

Clinical and Remote User Training:

This training program focuses on tele-presenters and remote physicians. This has been identified as a key factor in the long-term success of telemedicine programs. Solid training can overcome the lack of familiarity with new technologies or an initial reluctance to rely on telemedicine technologies to make diagnosis and treatment decisions, particularly in the early stages when volumes are at their lowest.

Installation and Technical Training:

This training program focuses on assuring that your technical/IT staff has the knowledge to implement and support your program and the users of your telemedicine tools and services. Well trained IT support staff contributes to the technical success of your program as well as the confidence of your users.

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