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AGNES Connect®

A Collaborative Patient Assessment Tool for Enterprise-Wide Telehealth Applications

AGNES Connect® is a secure and encrypted patient assessment tool and cloud-based telemedicine platform that enables remote clinical healthcare providers to capture and share medical device data, exchange documents and medical images in real-time, and participate in a live video conference – all in a single web-based platform.

What Can AGNES Connect® Do for You?

Delivers 100% Live Access to a Patient from Any Remote Location

Clinician and remote specialists are connected through video conferencing set inside the AGNES Connect® platform. Data from the connected medical devices is streamed in REAL-TIME via our application.

Integrates with EMRs

AGNES Connect is built with support for the next generation of HL7, FHIR. AGNES Connect® allows any EMR capable of importing PDF documents to receive a compiled report detailing all data captured using the patient assessment tool.

Provides Complete Physician Mobility

Remote users have secure web-based access to one or multiple exam sites. With the Facility Manager tool, it becomes easy for a provider to manage their telemedicine consults for multiple patient locations, but within a single platform.

Provides Enterprise-Wide Scalability

Leveraging our cloud-based infrastructure, healthcare systems and centers of excellence can manage multiple telehealth sites and have one access point to deliver care in partnership with their local provider networks.

How does it work?

AGNES Connect® patient assessment tool is a cloud-based application – no need to configure back-end servers. The telehealth platform seamlessly aggregates data from connected clinical device diagnostics and then securely exchanges that information in real-time to the remote consulting physician. The video conference session is simultaneous to the the rest of the encounter, keeping everything in a single platform and entry point for the provider.

At the end of the session, an Encounter Report can be saved to the location of your choice or sent to your EMR. AGNES Connect® is HIPAA compliant and secure – any information exchanged during the session is encrypted and erased once the session is over.

A healthcare physcian using AGNES Connect®, a telemedicine patient assessment tool.

Unlimited Remote Users and No Recurring License Fees

There are no user fees or doctor fees associated with AGNES Connect®. Just a one-time licensing fee per sending site and zero cost for unlimited receiving sites.

Secure and Encrypted Encounters

Our AGNES Connect® SaaS offering is delivered on a platform that is HIPAA compliant, has SaaS certifications including: SOC 2 -Type II, ISO 27001/2 and AMD offers a Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

AGNES Connect® is a secure patient assessment tool and cloud-based telemedicine platform that allows healthcare providers to share data safely, and part of the AMD Global Telemedicine family of telehealth products and solutions.


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