AGNES Vitals Connect

Streamline Vitals Capture and Documentation

AGNES Vitals Connect ™ addresses the #1 challenge reported by 54% of skilled nursing facilities – staffing resources.  The AGNES Vitals Connect ™ platform automates and streamlines the capture, collection and documentation of gathering your patients’ vitals.  Leaving more time for direct patient care.

We make it easy for you to get started.

AGNES Vitals Connect is an all-inclusive solution for automating the collection and documentation of vitals so your clinicians can spend less time documenting and more time on direct patient care. The solution includes the cart, vitals collection software, PointClickCare® integration, connected medical devices, support/maintenance contract and training.


AGNES Vitals Connect

AGNES Vitals Connect platform

  • Single sign-on from PointClickCare®
  • Automatically captures data from vital signs device
  • Directly saves the data into patient record within PointClickCare®
Vitals Collection

Vitals Tablet Cart

  • Rolling, lightweight and tip-resistant cart with baskets for storage/devices
  • VESA mount with articulating arm for PC tablet
  • 10 Inch Tablet with, I5 Intel Processor, Windows 10, WiFi enabled
  • Touch-free for the resident and easy to disinfect. (Mitigating infection transmission risk.)
  • Alternative carts and or portable cases available, ask for details.

Vital Signs Monitor

Instantly spot-check a patient’s vitals. The All-in-One VSM is a convenient and portable device to quickly measure and capture a patient’s vital signs including blood pressure, oxygen saturation, heart rate, and temperature. 

All-in-One Vital Signs Monitor

Fully Integrates with Your EHR

AMD-PointClickCare Partner

Our AGNES Vitals Connect® telehealth platform is fully integrated with PointClickCare® for a continuous workflow between virtual care visits and critical healthcare documentation. Vitals can be captured and collected at bedside and then automatically transferred to PointClickCare®, making the documentation process simple and eliminates the risk of common data entry errors.

A screen shot of AGNES Connect® is a secure patient assessment tool.

Saves Time … Saves Steps … Saves Mistakes

Efficient Vitals Capture and Documentation

This automated solution reduces time/resources needed for your staff to take and document patients’ vitals. Automating vitals data collection and documentation with AGNES Vitals Connect allows clinicians to move from room-to-room in just minutes, quickly accomplishing their vitals rounds, and leaving more time for clinical observation and focused patient interaction.

EHR Connectivity Ensures Quality Data

Take, capture and record vitals in less than 2 minutes! Vitals can be easily captured and collected at bedside using a single user login, and then automatically transferred to PointClickCare®. Direct integration into your EHR ensures eliminates errors that commonly occur with handwritten transcription of vitals.

Cost Savings & Financial Impact
  • Reduces total time of capture to document from 5 minutes to 2 minutes/patient
  • Provides staff more time to spend on direct patient care.
  • Ensures accurate and timely patient vital information.
Scalable for Telehealth Applications

This solution is scalable to meet your basic virtual visit needs or more extensive remote clinical examinations.  Additional telehealth capabilities can be added, such as video conferencing and connected medical devices.

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