Tele-ICU Solution for Critical Care Providers

Critical care patients require complex and expensive care. We can help your organization automatically capture billable clinical interventions, reduce nursing documentation by 70% and improve patient outcomes with real-time access to the bedside from a remote location.

AGNES Connect® is AMD’s premiere telemedicine software offering of our telehealth products.

Brought to you by AMD Global Telemedicine

A vendor-neutral mIoT platform that aggregates all the medical device data for an ICU patient into a single interface, for both bedside and remote viewing. Scaling your intensivists to service multiple sites from a single location, and providing rural patients access to quality ICU care from their home communities.

Reduce nursing documentation by 70% based on automated nurse workflow sheet.

Improve patient care by aggregating all medical device data and waveforms right at ICU bedside, into a single-platform.

Solve the integration challenge with our ICU interface that integrates siloed data with EHR (bi-directional).

Access quality data for AI, machine learning and application development with ~2GB of data per patient/day.

Recover Revenue by automatically capturing billable clinical interventions.

What makes this Tele-ICU solution different?

  • Benefits seen for as little as 2 beds
  • Revenue generating versus being a cost center
  • Uses your existing devices and equipment (open platform)
  • Real-time data and live streaming video access to patient


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