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Post-Acute Care Facilities

AMD Global Telemedicine delivers quality telehealth solutions that can help you deploy virtual post acute care capabilities quickly for the benefit of your skilled nursing facility (SNF) and patients.

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30-67% of hospitalizations could be avoided…

Skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) can benefit tremendously from telehealth. According to research conducted by Kaiser Family Foundation, 30 to 67% of hospitalizations among SNF residents could be avoided with interventions using telehealth technologies.

Telehealth has expanded dramatically over the past decade, but in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, its presence in the modern healthcare landscape is more important than ever.

Proven benefits:

  • Protects patients and healthcare workers during COVID-19 pandemic
  • Reduces hospital re-admissions and patient transports
  • Increases access to specialty care for high-risk patients
  • Provides alternative night coverage

To slow the spread of a pandemic, we are all aware it’s crucial for the public to limit unnecessary travel and practice social distancing. While this can be a smoother transition for some, many at-risk populations, like those with pre-existing conditions or the elderly, still need scheduled medical services to maintain their health.

Telemedicine is the solution to protecting high-risk patients and the staff at Skilled Nursing Facilities, during the current Coronavirus pandemic. It is the saving grace that allows vulnerable populations to continue to receive quality care without leaving the safety of their facilities.

patient receiving post acute care

AMD’s approach…

Our telemedicine programs and telehealth solutions are designed to help healthcare professionals treat patients remotely when or as needed. The AGNES Connect platform provides seamless virtual communication in real-time between a nurse at an SNF and an off-site physician. Paired and aided by diagnostic tools, patients can receive the specialty care, including virtual post acute care, they require without ever leaving the safety of the facility.

In fact, the applications and benefits of telemedicine in SNFs have already been proven time and time again. When telehealth solutions are readily available among at-risk communities like SNFs, hospital readmission rates can be drastically reduced. This not only helps SNFs, but it takes the pressure off the overwhelmed hospitals treating pandemic patients.

We offer post-acute care facilities the flexibility to purchase our cloud-based software and integrated medical devices, as a service model. This helps facilities ease into the adoption of telemedicine into their everyday model of care and patient workflow.

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