Post-Acute Care Facilities

AMD Global Telemedicine is your partner in telehealth technology and solutions, not just for today but continuing with you as the healthcare landscape evolves moving forward.

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Improved patient care, cost management and reduced readmission rates.

Post-acute care and skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) can benefit tremendously from telehealth. CMS is enacting more changes to which healthcare facilities must adapt. Just as telehealth technologies were used in the past to help SNFs improve patient care and reduce costs, they can be adopted to meet current and future regulations.

Since the Medicare Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) went into play on October 1, 2019, physician use of virtual visits doubled from only 14% in 2016 to 28% in 2019, according to HealthLeaders. There was a clear push to utilize telehealth with the new CMS system in place. For SNFs in particular, the ability to directly connect with doctors and specialists over telehealth makes it easier to save money, improve care for high-risk patients and enhance the experience for everyone involved in the care continuum.

Telemedicine products for post-acute care…

Not sure what you need to integrate virtual care into your facility?  Let us help guide you.

Our telemedicine and telehealth solutions are modular and designed to help healthcare organizations start small and scale with their needs.  We offer post-acute care facilities the flexibility to purchase our cloud-based software and integrated medical devices, as a service model. This helps facilities ease into the adoption of telemedicine into their everyday model of care and patient workflow.

Some of our products and telemedicine technology solutions, design for post-acute care settings include:

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Increased savings by lowering re-admissions

Typically at least 78% or more, of all readmissions are avoidable with telemedicine. In many cases, a virtual visit eliminates the need for the patient to be transported and readmitted to the hospital.

patient receiving post acute care

Improved patient outcomes by treating patients in place

Patients and in-facility staff have the opportunity to consult with a remote specialists via telemedicine, to treat chronic conditions at the critical times when their conditions might flare. Not only does this keep resident patients within the facility, it also reduces the risk of infections or complications from traveling to another location for care.

patient receiving post acute care

An advantage in the competitive market

“The use of telehealth with provider services has improved the coordination of care between hospitals and our facilities, and increased family satisfaction to over 97%, all of this has significantly increased our referral base,” commented Conjuna Collier at Masonic Holmes.

AMD delivers virtual care technology for post acute care

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