Video Visit Carts & Automated Vitals Collection

Our Virtual Visit Carts are lightweight tablet carts perfect for room-to-room virtual rounds, vitals documentation or a quick patient check-up. Easily bring the cart by a patient’s bedside to take vitals, connect over video with a remote physician or for a quick specialist consult. This simple and modest solution provides a few different options and configurations for post-acute care settings, skilled nursing facilities and behavioral health applications.  All of our systems configured wtih our AGNES platform have direct integration with most EMRs.

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Add Specialty Medical Devices

AGNES Vitals Connect System:

AMD-PointClickCare Partner

  • Alleviates time/resources needed for staff to take and document patients vitals, leaving more time for clinical observation and focused patient interaction.
  • Reduces total time to capture and record from 5 minutes down to 2 minutes/patient.
  • Integrates directly with PointClickCare EHR to eliminate the risk of common manual data entry errors.
  • Additional telehealth capabilities can be added, such as video conferencing and connected medical devices.

The AGNES Vitals Connect solution comes equipped with the hardware, software, PointClickCare® integration, connected medical devices, support/maintenance contract and training.

Vitals Collection
Tablet Video Virtual Visit Cart

Video Visit Cart:

  • Allows healthcare providers to quickly connect with their patient’s bedside, for a virtual visit.
  • Lightweight and slender design makes it easy to move from room-to-room and position close to a patient.
  • Height adjustable articulating arm and tablet tilt allowing you to change the angle and position so the camera captures the optimal perspective for the virtual visit.

PAT Wall Unit

The Patient Assessment Terminal (PAT) is a wall-mount system designed for telemedicine consults. It is ideal for applications where there is a need for stationary set up for video consultations, with our without medical devices connected. The system is flexible so it can be used for behavioral health virtual visits or as a primary care station with an attending clinician.

Integrate AGNES Connect® Platform


Add Specialty Medical Devices

PAT Wall virtual visit Unit

Patient Assessment Terminal (PAT):

  • Integrated PC, monitor(s), keyboard/mouse, video camera system, and conference speaker/microphone.
  • Video conference agnostics: hardware or software based video conference systems can be easily integrated.
  • Customizable with private label and accent color options.
  • FDA listed and MDDS compliant station.

Additional Options:

  • Secondary monitor set up to serves as the clinician’s documentation workspace.
  • Integrate medical devices if needed for clinical patient exams and then securely store them in lower cabinet when not in use.

Desktop Station: All-In-One

The Desktop station is a convenient set up for applications such as school-based clinics, mobile vans, or for a remote specialist who needs a dedicated desktop solution for their telemedicine consults. It can be used stand-alone for video virtual visits (patient or remote doctor side), or pair it with integrated medical devices, AGNES Connect, and a PTZ camera.

Integrate AGNES Connect® Platform


Add Specialty Medical Devices

Desktop Station: All-In-One virtual visit

Desktop All-in-One

  • A space-saving sleek solution with powerful computing from 8” generation processor and DDR4 memory.
  • 24″ anti-glare touch screen monitor ensures a clear, vibrant screen from any angle during a virtual visit.
  • Integrated video camera and audio speaker for clear video conferencing communications.
  • Option to integrate medical devices as needed for clinical examinations.

AMD Global Telemedicine’s Basic Virtual Visit Applications allow healthcare providers to safely visit and consult patients from a distance, and part of the AMD Global Telemedicine family of telehealth products and solutions.

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