Wall mount units: The next leap in telemedicine workstations

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Blog

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AMD’s new Patient Assessment Terminal is the next generation of telemedicine workstations, pairing high-level connectivity with user-centric design and functionality. Using this technology, providers can now easily have telemedicine stations in every examination room that are set up and ready to go.

Why PAT?

The use cases for telemedicine technology has changed radically since the early days of the industry. Initially, providers had to dedicate entire rooms to house the earliest computers and devices that made remote consultation possible. As the industry evolved, smaller equipment on mobile carts was required to allow healthcare practitioners to move from room to room as needed for their increasing use of telemedicine consultations. Now, healthcare organizations are using telemedicine as a critical tool needed to deliver medical care every day, so they require telemedicine stations in every room that will support this ongoing frequent use.

“A wall mount unit makes telemedicine even more powerful.”

A wall mount unit makes telemedicine even more powerful. Tools such as digital stethoscopes, exam cameras, digital ENT scopes, vital signs monitors and ECGs are integrated within this wall mount unit to give physicians everything they need for assessing and treating a patient.

Just as computers or televisions have evolved to be smaller and sleeker, the new PAT telemedicine system is a testament to how technology advancements can make everything fit in much smaller packages.  The entire telemedicine system is contained in a wall mount unit that is hung on the wall, taking up similar space as a large framed piece of artwork.

Unlocking new capabilities

A wall mount system gives medical providers the best, most powerful tools in the telemedicine space. Not only can an attending physician perform a full clinical examination of a patient dozens or hundreds of miles away, but this unit also makes it easy to complete important documentation during or following an appointment. Using a dual workstation, medical professionals can document an encounter and add any new information to a patient’s chart or health history. The terminal is also customizable to suit the needs of a specific practice or doctor.

These sorts of changes make it possible for healthcare providers to adopt telemedicine into daily workflow. Practices of all sizes value their space and patient workflows as essential components to realizing stability and growth. A wall mount system is the most efficient, advanced form of integrating a new telemedicine program or upgrading an existing one.

For more information on our wall mount telemedicine system, read more about PAT, AMD’s new Patient-Assessment Terminal.

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