Understanding Clinical Telemedicine for Rural Applications

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Webinars

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As telemedicine continues to revolutionize the practice of medicine, one of the most heartfelt ways telemedicine is making a difference is affecting rural populations. Telemedicine provides healthcare organizations (large and small) the ability to deliver care to patients who might not otherwise receive it; due to the shortage of specialists at the closet facility or distance barriers.

An ever-increasing number of healthcare providers are setting up telehealth clinics in places their patients frequent, such as local retail stores. Attend this webinar to find out how MercyCare Community Physicians has adopted telemedicine technology to deliver clinical telemedicine encounters.

This webinar is aimed to help rural healthcare providers that want to get a clearer depiction of what clinical telemedicine encounters are, the benefits they provide to both patients and providers, and specific examples of how it is used to deliver mainstream care to rural and under-served populations.

Webinar presented by AMD Global Telemedicine, a National Rural Health Association Platinum Partner.

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Agenda Topics:

Customer use case – Bringing healthcare closer to the community:

Presenters: Brooke Kensinger, MHA, Senior Director Business Health Solutions, Steph Cooper BSN, RN, MercyCare Business Health Solutions Manager, and Kara Goslin, Physician AssistantMercyCare Community Physicians

  • How MercyCare adopted telemedicine and current uses
  • Best practices for launching a telehealth clinic and lessons learned
  • A provider’s perspective on the telemedicine model of care
  • How MercyCare Community Physicians is using telemedicine technology to deliver care every day

What does a typical clinical telemedicine encounter look like?

Presenter: Riley Normandin, Telemedicine Program Design ManagerAMD Global Telemedicine

  • Elements of a clinical telemedicine encounter
  • Benefits of leveraging the technology
  • Demonstration of what a typical clinical telemedicine encounter looks like
  • Addition telemedicine use cases for rural healthcare

Featured Presenters:

Brooke Kensinger, MHA

Senior Director, Business Health Solutions, MercyCare Community Physicians

Steph Cooper BSN, RN,

MercyCare Business Health Solutions Manager, MercyCare Community Physicians

Kara Goslin

Physician Assistant, MercyCare Community Physicians

Riley Normandin

Telemedicine Program Design Manager, AMD Global Telemedicine

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