Two for One: How AMD and DocBox Revolutionized ICU Care

by | Mar 21, 2023 | Customer Success

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The Challenge:

Addressing Critical Care Patients in the ICU with Telemedicine

A surge in patients requiring critical care, suffocating staffing shortages, limited bed availability, and the sudden need to change procedures converged across healthcare systems around the globe thanks to the pandemic. While this may have ushered in the next evolution of modern healthcare and set in motion the transition to hospitals without walls, the new care delivery model has increased the demands of all medical specialties, including ICU and intensivists.

The Approach:

Customized Technology to Develop an Integrated Solution for ICU Needs

DocBox came to partner with AMD Global Telemedicine. In addition to our knowledge, expertise, and experience, AMD Global Telemedicine has a technology that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the industry. You can customize our technology to develop integrations for specific use cases in various systems, all while offering the ability to scale.
“We do the real-time monitoring piece, but we needed a partner that not only has a global presence, but also has been in the industry for multiple decades.”

Bobby Shah, CEO at DocBox

The Outcome:

A Combined Solution That Improves Quality of Care for Years to Come

Our partnership with DocBox is a glowing testimony of how two companies working on different aspects of care can work together to help healthcare organizations address a need in a short space of time — not to develop a temporary solution, but one that improves the quality of care for years to come and redefines what’s possible.
From start to finish, the two teams were able to develop and launch a product within 90 days.

Engineered a combined innovative solution called Tele ICU:
• Reducing the number of bed-stays in ICUs from five to three days
• Reducing nursing documentation time by 70%

• Monitoring patients safely and securely from home
• Lowering medical costs for patients
• Maintaining quality of care within the home
• Limiting internal expenses for their organizations

Learn more about Tele ICU

What our customers are saying …

Dr. Lisa Gwynn

“AMD is a telehealth company that has always been dependable, and extremely knowledgeable in assisting with choosing the right equipment to meet our needs. Their customer service and technical support of our programs has been impeccable.”

Dr. Lisa Gwynn
Interim Division Chief, Child and Adolescent Health / University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Ryan Baker, MHA

“After searching and speaking with many companies I found AMD Global Telemedicine to be trustworthy and realistic when setting expectations on their deliverables. They spent the time to really work with us to develop a telemedicine solution that fit out individual company needs.”

Ryan Baker, MHA

Dr. Waseem Ghannam

“Best in class technology and world class service! The team at AMD Global Telemedicine help power organizations in serving patients, via their HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform.”

Dr. Waseem Ghannam

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