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by | Apr 10, 2019 | Blog

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Greater care coordination has always been a top priority for providers. The continuum of care concept, which was designed to guide, track and maintain continuity of care to patients at all touchpoints, can ensure everyone from vulnerable patients to healthy individuals receive the support they need throughout their care journey. Unfortunately, various barriers can keep patients from staying on track with a care program, such as limited appointment availability, inconvenient office hours, transportation issues and geographic stipulations.

With this in mind, hospitals and facilities need to be forward thinking about ways to improve the flow of care and ensure all patients receive the support needed to lead long and healthy lives. Rethinking the traditional care delivery process by introducing telemedicine can transform the continuum of care by adding a virtual touch that keeps this care delivery process streamlined no matter the barrier.

Care doesn’t stop when a patient leaves the facility

The care continuum revolves around understanding how to continue providing care and recommendations after the patient leaves the hospital, acute care or long-term care facility. This thought of expanding patient touchpoints beyond a facility may be achievable with specialists who can make house visits, but this can be seen as a waste of time and resources. A virtual approach, created by implementing telemedicine and telehealth, can change everything – providers can communicate with patients, offer care recommendations and track progress with no downtime.

“Providers can communicate with patients, offer care recommendations and track progress with no downtime.”

Hospitals and facilities alike can benefit from taking advantage of a digital care platform. It’s an effective way to continue providing care to patients who struggle to make in-person appointments, which can strengthen the trust consumers have in your organization. Lowering costs gives your facility more flexibility to focus on providing complex specialty care.

How AMD Telemedicine can help

As the healthcare landscape continues to change, a virtual care continuum can help your organization stay ahead of the curve and prepare for future transformation. At AMD Telemedicine, we want to provide a begin-to-end approach that integrates with your existing systems to serve patients across the healthcare continuum. We have over two decades experience helping healthcare organizations deliver care to their patients in the places they need it most.

With the right combination of telemedicine and telehealth technologies, you can create a virtual care delivery model that makes reaching patients in need simple and seamless. Our AGNES Connect software, for example, enables you to perform real-time patient exams to manage, capture and share patient data and medical images. Then, you can store the patient information in your EMR system to follow patients along each touchpoint throughout their care journey.

AMD Telemedicine will be exhibiting at the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) conference April 14th – 16th in New Orleans, LA. Stop by the AMD booth (#1927) for more information on our virtual care offerings and a demo of AGNES Connect. To book an appointment with us at ATA, email Learn more about what we will be featuring in our booth here.

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