The Free Medical Clinic Testimonial

by | Jan 26, 2022 | Video Testimonials

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My name is Billy Edmonds, the executive director of the free medical clinic
Our mission is provide no charge primary care to low income and uninsured. As a result of this we’re in rural areas, the challenge we face is patient access and the volunteers. We have as providers to give that care this equipment has helped us to not only increase patient access
for rural residents but also to increase the volunteerism in our nonprofit.
You see if someone can go to a virtual meeting through this equipment then they’ll able they’re able to do that not only in the city that their patient lives but also across the state so we look forward to how this can expand our volunteer base of our health care providers to increase patient care.
AMD global is because of the cost points for us as a non-profit also for the because of the quality of the equipment and how it can integrate into our electronic medical records and lastly because of the training and customer service that we that were provided it’s high quality equipment high quality people and high quality results.

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