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by | Dec 27, 2016 | Blog

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We looked forward by offering the some of the most efficient and powerful telemedicine technology to date while we also took time to look back and celebrate our 25th anniversary. Here’s a little bit more about the year that was for all of us here at AMD:

Advancing our telemedicine technology

As one of the industry’s pioneers, it’s always been our mission to deliver the most modern telemedicine solutions to providers all over the world. And in 2016, we made three major releases that moving forward will further support our clients and partners.

Our Patient Assessment Terminal is a wall-mounted station that is convenient and sleek. Examination tools are connected in a way that minimizes any disruptions. This system makes work for health professionals more convenient and consolidated. In clinics, pharmacies and areas with limited space, the release of PAT is especially important.

Along with a workstation that fits comfortably in an exam room, we engineered a new technology to deliver even greater capabilities to providers. We unveiled the first universal pan-tilt-zoom controls for video conferencing cameras. This makes a telemedicine encounter more dynamic and gives attending physicians a more in-depth overview of patients.

2016 also saw the release of version 5.0 of our trademark AGNES Interactive software. With this update comes better EMR integration, improved security and API customization. This platform not only makes the adoption period easier than ever before but gives providers new efficiencies and capacities when using telemedicine as part of everyday care.

2016 was a banner year here at AMD and we think that’s worth celebrating.


Meeting the needs of our partners

We believe that the steps we took this year to advance our services will ultimately bring about improved results for our clients, and we’re proud to report that professionals from some of the industry’s most distinguished healthcare organizations have echoed these sentiments.

Andrew Whitney, the director of telemedicine services at Bryan Health said in a peer review of AGNES Interactive issued by Clinical Reports that he believes the system is instrumental for telemedicine adoption.

“Using AMD AGNES on our telemedicine carts allows us to bring a higher level of clinical care to our telemedicine encounters,” said Whithney. “This level of care differentiates us from other providers of rural emergency department telemedicine that are more consultive in nature. Our rural emergency telemedicine physicians are performing diagnostic evaluations and providing treatment, allowing local providers relief from 24/7 call-ins. The flexibility of the AGNES platform has also allowed us to bring outpatient specialties to rural areas with minimal investment on the part of the specialty physician.”

Overall, we’re proud to help in delivering healthcare services to communities with limited access. So whether it’s in schools in rural Tennessee or reaching families in the heart of Miami, we’ve been honored to provide the solutions necessary to treat new patients.

Celebrating 25 years in the industry

This past year marked the 25th anniversary of AMD’s founding. This was a tremendous milestone for the business and reminded us the role we play as a pioneer in the industry. Along with helping bridge gaps in the health infrastructure here in the U.S., we also work around the world to reach the world’s most remote communities. In an interview commemorating the celebration, President of AMD Steve Normandin explained the importance of our mission and how the work we do across the globe informs the dedication we put into our products.

“We sell product to some of the most rural areas in the world … so we have to make sure the products that we sell work now and are solid for years and years to come. We have cameras that we sold over 20 years ago, and when we talk to people, they’re working just fine.”

Steve also summarized what’s next for AMD and the telemedicine industry, highlighting the work we have ahead of us in 2017 and beyond. Here’s to a happy and healthy new year!

“As telemedicine becomes more standard, I think the term ‘telemedicine’ will go away in the not too distant future. I think it’s going to be just ‘medicine.’ It’s just one more tool to practice healthcare.”

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