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University telemedicine programs address rural health and underserved population initiatives

AMD Global Telemedicine’s Clinical Systems Help Texas Woman’s University and Old Dominion University Set Precedent of Coordinated Care Achieved through Telemedicine

Texas Woman’s University and Old Dominion University are setting the precedent of how telemedicine is leveraged to deliver coordinated patient care. The telemedicine programs were developed to coincide with the universities’ goals to meet rural health and underserved population initiatives from an inter-professional perspective.

Both universities are using AMD Global Telemedicine’s clinical telemedicine systems to help teach their students how to deliver coordinated care through an inter-professional approach and telehealth technology. This emphasizes the importance of telemedicine in today’s medical environments and represent a paradigm shift in training healthcare professionals.

Teams of undergraduates, graduates and doctorates are not only being trained on how to use the equipment but also learning ways to leverage the technology to collaborate on patient care.

“Due to the importance of the inter-professional educational program at Old Dominion University, it was critical the telemedicine solution we put in place met our unique education- centered goals.

Working with AMD made the technology and equipment selection process easier because they took the time to understand what we were trying to accomplish and then ‘molded’ their products to our standardized patient cases and inter-professional student population.”

Michele Bordelon,
inter-professional Education Program & DNP Program, Old Dominion University School of Nursing.

Texas Woman’s University is in the forefront of teaching undergraduate and graduate students about the value and use of telehealth strategies. A federal Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) grant allowed for the purchase of the AMD telemedicine equipment which is used by both undergraduate and graduate students.

“AMD’s clinical telemedicine system is the perfect complement to the curriculum we offer in the area of telehealth.

Our telehealth electives are open to nursing, occupational health, physical therapy, nutrition, and health system management/business students. It is a great platform for them to understand how teams can collaborate and manage patients remotely.”

Dr. Mari Tietze, Associate Professor,
Texas Woman’s University, T. Boone Pickens Institute of Health Sciences-Dallas Center, The Houston J. and Florence A. Doswell College of Nursing

For more information on Texas Woman’s University informatics program email Dr. Tietze at mtietze@twu.edu. For additional information about the inter-professional Education Program at Old Dominion University, contact Michele Bordelon at mbordelo@odu.edu.

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