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by | Dec 10, 2018 | Blog

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Reflecting on successes

With your loyalty to us, we have continued to evolve as a company in developing new, innovative solutions. We know you have lots of choices when it comes to picking a technology vendor and consider ourselves fortunate to have won your trust and commitment.  This has enabled us to grow our footprint in various applications areas such as large healthcare systems, post-acute and acute care facilities, rural healthcare settings, school-based programs, and opioid addiction treatment services. We are proud to say you have inspired us to develop telehealth technology solutions that touch more regions around the world than ever before. We recognize these achievements were made possible because our customers trusted us as a partner for their telehealth programs.

Furthermore, our blossoming partnerships have enabled us to expand into the development of new integrations within healthcare IT, allowing us to live up to our brand as the leading developer of clinical telemedicine encounter management solutions, offering quality products and cutting-edge technology across the globe.

The future of telemedicine

The healthcare landscape has changed so much over the last decade, and it’s only expected to continue evolving. As new trends in healthcare surface, we remain committed to creating the best possible solution by combining our well-established products with new integrations and partnerships that meet expanding industry needs. For all you have done to support us, we will continue to support your healthcare delivery efforts through telehealth technology.

Thank you again for being a loyal AMD customer. It’s because of you that our business will continue to grow and make an impact on the evolving world of healthcare.

– The AMD Global Telemedicine team

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