Telehealth & Broadband: In Sickness and In Health (Free eBook)

Transform broadband infrastructure into an asset to support cradle-to-grave healthcare.

Telemedicine has unlocked new modes of care delivery to help treat underserved patient populations. Yet such advances have not come without challenges; when it comes to telemedicine, this mainly means broadband infrastructure. There are a number of public and private stakeholders who must confront the state of broadband infrastructure to support telemedicine applications, and strategize on how to improve support and ensure healthcare is of the highest quality.

Download this industry research report “Telehealth & Broadband: In Sickness and In Health” to learn more about:

  • The role of broadband builders and owners in fundraising.
  • The need to engage city and community planners.
  • The effect broadband infrastructure has on telemedicine delivery.

This report was written by Craig Settles, President of CJ Speaks, an independent industry analyst.

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