We Work Alongside You …

AMD Global Telemedicine makes it easy for you by acting as a “Single-Source Solution” for your virtual care technology needs, delivering a simple solution that can be used for multiple care settings and specialties.

So, how do you find a virtual care technology solution that can evolve with your changing and growing needs, without it being another layer on a layered solution? Doctors and other clinicians don’t want MORE technology, they want less.

Solution: AMD works alongside you to create and support customized solutions that can…

  • Scale
  • Easily integrate with your other virtual health solutions
  • Support hybrid models and closely match in-person workflows

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Our Strengths

We Understand Healthcare Business Needs
  • Quickly extend care reach, addressing multiple specialties
  • Reach more patients, more often
  • Rapid deployment and competitive advantage
  • Easily manage multiple telemedicine sites from a single solution
The AMD Value Solution
  • Integration of devices for all medical specialties, all-in-one solution, rapid deployment

  • Ease-of-use, scalable

  • Support, customization, integration, partnership

  • Flexibility, choices, SaaS licensing model

Our Customers ROI Speaks for Itself

Image of single source with AMD logo
  • Increased efficiency: With a single solution for all virtual care needs, healthcare providers can streamline their processes and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks.


  • Enhanced security: A single-source technology solution can provide a higher level of security compared to using multiple solutions, as it can be more easily monitored and managed.


  • Better data integration: With a single-source technology solution, it is easier to integrate patient data from different sources and use it to inform care decisions.


  • Reduced costs: Using a single-source technology solution can help healthcare organizations save money by reducing the need for multiple subscriptions and licenses for different virtual care tools

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