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by | Dec 22, 2021 | Video Testimonials

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Hi my name is Blue Beckham i’m the chief strategy officer for SPG virtual care.
One of the biggest challenges we face in healthcare is getting care to the patient when and wherever they need it if you’re a patient that’s bed bound or home bound and have transportation mobility or other barriers to receiving effective care you’re not going to get the care you need and when that happens your condition is going to worsen you’re going to get sicker and eventually you’re going to end up in the hospital that can’t be the way it’s going to work going into the future we have to bring health care to the patient where they are and when they need it AMD provides us the tools and resources we need to take care of the most vulnerable patients in our community.
By bringing health care to the patient we eliminate all the barriers that our patients face when trying to receive health care in a doctor’s office and sometimes in fact a lot of times for the majority of our patients face time like telemedicine is just simply not enough we need to be able to do a full set of vitals we need to be able to listen to the heart lungs we need to see in the eyes ears nose and throat to bring the best possible care to our patients and that’s what AMD technology has given us the opportunity to do so AMD’s technology is absolutely fantastic and has been a game changer for us but AMD is much more than that they’re a dedicated team of professionals that are working every day to advance their technology listen to their customers and work hand in hand to deliver a better patient experience of clinical outcomes.
We believe AMD is an incredible and extraordinary partner for what we need and we could not do it without them.

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