Self-Sustainable Telehealth Clinics Provide Healthcare Technology to Aid in Disaster and Medically Underserved Areas

by | Jan 8, 2018 | In the News

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AMD Global Telemedicine and Jenysis Global partner to offer rapidly deployable telehealth clinics that provide immediate access to medical care.

Chelmsford, MA, January 8, 2018–AMD Global Telemedicine Inc. (AMD), the pioneer of clinical Telemedicine Encounter Management Solutions (TEMS) ®, and Jenysis Global partner to offer self-contained telehealth clinics that aid in disaster recovery, medically underserved communities, or military and remote work environments.

The self-contained telehealth clinics, called Jenysis Healthcare Solutions were built with the mission of enhancing the health, safety and welfare of the global community by providing access to care through telemedicine. To service the medical needs of remote communities in despair, these clinics are delivered fully equipped with telemedicine technologies, medical equipment and a completely sustainable infrastructure that includes water, power, HVAC and satellite. The telehealth clinic can be quickly deployed in areas where terrestrial communication lines are unreliable, damaged or non-existent, and provide immediate access to medical care.

  • Learn how the Jenysis Healthcare Solutions make disaster preparedness easier and the steps AMD Global Telemedicine is taking to make this happen.

“In recent years, with the increase in natural disasters, healthcare preparedness programs are critical components of the healthcare strategy for each country,” commented Eric Bacon, the President of AMD Global Telemedicine. “Integrating telehealth technologies into these portable clinics allows patients to be seen by hundreds of remote healthcare specialists, providing them access to care they would not otherwise obtain. Instead of worrying about the logistics of bringing in the healthcare specialists you need and the infrastructure to support them, you virtually connect to them for medical consultations and examinations.”

“Access to remote healthcare is a global priority. The ability to mobilize for the delivery of medical service after disasters or crisis is critical,” commented Susan Horsefall, the President of Jenysis Global. “JHS has teamed up with AMD to provide a robust integrated platform which rapidly deploys infrastructure and medical services to needy environments.”

Jenysis Healthcare Solutions is an all-in-one expandable unit that accommodates various medical needs and specialties, from basic telehealth consultations and primary care to emergency and trauma care. For more information on Jenysis Healthcare Solutions visit or call 1-877-JENYSIS (1-877-536-9747).


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