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by | Dec 22, 2021 | Video Testimonials

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Transcript:My name is Randi and I’m the Director of Telehealth and Occupational Medicine at Reid Health.I think that one of the biggest healthcare challenges is access. Once we purchased the AMD Global Telemedicine carts we were able to reach patients in five different surrounding regional locations closer to their homes. By us providing care closer to the patient’s home, they had decreased travel time, decreased the time that family had to take off work to take their loved one to their appointments and therefore we have seen decreased no-show rates and increased patient satisfaction.As far as AMD’s technology, we have been very impressed with the peripherals, specifically the stethoscope.  We have many cardiologists that use this technology for follow-up visits with their cardiology patients and there’s something to be said for a high-quality assessment and we feel that we get that with the AMD technology.I would recommend AMD to other healthcare systems primarily because of the customer service we received. We have a great relationship with the Regional Director that is assigned to us as well as the support team  – they’re always there to assist us promptly if we have any needs or issues.

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