Raphael Health Schools Community Health Testimonial

by | Dec 22, 2021 | Video Testimonials

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Transcript:I am Jenni Crago i am the project manager at RaphaelHealth center located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The challenges in healthcare delivery that led us to AMD was that many of our patients experienced a plethora of barriers that prevent them from coming on site to the clinic and we knew that we needed to access them to provide that health care that they needed but telehealth was going to be our only option in order to provide that to them so that’s where we scouted out AMD and decided to move forward AMD has helped us address our need by allowing us the ability to access our patients from a distance instead of on-site here in our clinics so now we’re able to virtually connect with them and assess their health care needs and identify what solutions we need to make in order to get them healthy and so AMD has definitely helped out in that realm by providing this great virtual technology platform for us.

I would recommend AMD for a few reasons mostly because of customer service we’ve always had a great positive experience from start to finish with the customer service realm at AMD we also feel like the quality of the equipment and the platform is top-notch it’s also very user-friendly and that’s very important to us compared to other companies that we’ve vetted there’s just really no comparison.

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