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by | Nov 11, 2007 | In the News

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Nigerian space agency conducts telemedicine program using orbiting satellite and AMD telemedicine equipment

AMD telemdicine ( today announced that its telemedicine equipment is helping to improve health care delivery in Nigeria through a nation wide telemedicine program that is using a Nigerian satellite to relay medical data and images.

Nigeria’s telemedicine project is a nine-site program, funded by the country’s National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA) for the Ministry of Health. NASRDA has installed telemedicine equipment in two Nigerian hospitals, Ibadan Teaching Hospital and Maiduguri Teaching Hospital, as well as some additional, federal clinics throughout the country. Additionally, NASRDA provided a working telemedicine clinic in a bus that will travel to the most remote parts of Nigeria to provide primary healthcare services.

Furinshing connectivity for the program, Nigcomsat-1, Nigeria’s advanced communication satellite, links the medical data sent from the bus to the in-country hospitals, giving patients and doctors in remote areas access to expert care.

On Oct. 19, Professor Robert Boroffice, director-general of NASRDA told, “Telemedicine is now possible, thanks to Nigeria’s new bird in the sky. Most of our doctors don’t want to go to rural areas. So, we have created primary health-care centers, and we link them to two teaching hospitals. And these two hospitals, with videoconferencing, can provide high-quality medicine to these remote (areas).”

The Nigerian telemedicine project is equipped with AMD Telemedicine’s state-of-the-art stethoscopes (for heart and lungs), opthalmosopes (for eyes) , dermascopes (for skin), otoscopes (for ear/nose/throat), and general examination cameras, making it possible for remote patients to be examined for a wide range of conditions.

“Using AMD’s standard-setting equipment and the services of Nigcomsat-1, the telemedicine program promises to provide great benefits for the people of Nigeria,” said Karl Teller, Managing Director in Nigeria for CIT Ltd, an ICT solutions company headquartered in Nigeria and advising NASRDA and the Ministry of Health on the telemedicine project equipment selection, installation, and training.

“The Nigeran telemedicine project is an example of how telemedicine can really shine,” said Steven Nomandin, president of AMD Telemedicine. “In Nigeria, with the help of our equipment and the Nigerian telemedicine project team, many people who ordinarily would not be able to receive medical care, will now be able to be seen by a specialist who can address their specific needs with the most current treatment for their conditions. We are very happy to play a part in such a worthwhile initiative.”

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