When COVID hit, what telehealth platform did you choose to quickly pivot your care strategy?


Choosing the right technology and solution for your practice’s telehealth program requires a lot of research, evaluation and training. When the pandemic hit, health care providers didn’t have the luxury of time to do all of this work so many just went with a video conferencing platform. But now that telehealth is part of the new standard of care, many providers are finding virtual care is so much more than a video call.

For a sustainable virtual care model, there are some elements that need to be considered when evaluating a telehealth platform.

Does your organization need:

  • Scalability: Will the technology solution be able to grow with the business needs of your practice?
  • Flexibility: Can the system be easily pivoted to accommodate different functions and specialties when needed?
  • Training: How easy and how often will staff need to be retrained with the system?
  • Security: Is the vendor staying on top of HIPAA requirements, offering BAAs and incorporating new security/encryption measures into the system?
  • Accessibility: Can patients easily use the system? Do they need to download an app and what information must they provide?

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