Clinical Assist Series

Designed for Clinical Examination Applications

The Clinical Assist™ Series is our telemedicine system, designed for clinical applications that need a modular system that can accommodate various medical specialties for clinical telemedicine applications.

 The flexibility of the Clinical Assist’s modular design and features make it a great solution for organizations that need to start with a basic set up and then add on additional medical devices to support growth into other telemedicine services or specialties. We offer a variety of carts and configurations in this family.

Primary Care


Vitals Automation

Tablet Station

Integrate AGNES Connect® Platform


Add Specialty Medical Devices

Clinical Assist Sytem Features:

  • Modular, lightweight cart with a simple streamlined design.
  • Integrated PC with Windows OS.
  • Spacious work-surface area with a convenient one-touch height adjustment to allow for a full sit/stand range of motion.
  • Locking storage drawer for additional medical supplies or devices.
  • Convenient electronic control panel for work-surface and monitor height adjustments, lighting controls and storage management.
  • Rotatable front push handles.
  • FDA listed and MDDS compliant station, meets UL and CE standards.

Additional Cart Options:

  • Choose from multiple PC platforms including: a standard small form-factor PC, all-in-one PC, laptop, or tablet PC.
  • Optional steering caster with manual activation.
  • Powered or non-powered configurations available.
  • Private label options available upon request.
  • Integration of a Vital Signs Monitor.
  • Dual monitors.
  • Additional storage drawers configurable with security locking options (keyed or keypad).

PAT Wall Unit

The Patient Assessment Terminal (PAT) is a wall-mount system designed for telemedicine consults. It is ideal for applications where there is a need for stationary set up for video consultations, with our without medical devices connected. The system is flexible so it can be used for behavioral health virtual visits or as a primary care station with an attending clinician for any clinical exam applications.

Integrate AGNES Connect® Platform


Add Specialty Medical Devices

AMD's PAT Wall Mounted Clinical Exam Applications Unit

Patient Assessment Terminal Features:

  • Integrated PC, monitor(s), keyboard/mouse, video camera system, and conference speaker/microphone.
  • Video conference agnostics: hardware or software based video conference systems can be easily integrated.
  • Integrate medical devices if needed for clinical patient exams and then securely store them in lower cabinet when not in use.
  • Continually connected medical devices to significantly reduce the constant training required for set up.
  • Customizable with private label and accent color options.
  • Secondary monitor set up to serves as the clinician’s documentation workspace.
  • FDA listed and MDDS compliant station.

Portable TeleClinic™

Portable TeleClinic is a self-contained telemedicine system that has the combined functionality of a desktop telemedicine solution and a mobile cart, and is designed for smaller spaces or to be transportable. The system comes complete with encounter management software and customized with medical devices for a clinical exam.

Integrate AGNES Connect® Platform


Add Specialty Medical Devices

AMD portable AMD's PAT Wall Mounted telemedicine Clinical Exam Applications Unit

Portable TeleClinic Features:

  • Available in 2 size options: large and compact
  • Integrated tablet PC operating on Windows platform, includes webcam and speaker phone to enable two-way video conferencing between clinician and consulting specialist.
  • USB ports to easily connect, power and charge your medical devices.
  • Integrated battery and battery status indicator (larger case only).
  • Battery lasts 4-8 hours, based on run-time while in use.
  • Padded storage area to safely store your medical devices and consumables.

“On-the-Go” Doctor Visits

This “pack-and-go” system is perfect for healthcare applications that require clinical telemedicine equipment that they can carry into medical situations and/or set up in mobile clinics with limited space. Ideal applications include in-home clinical visits, emergency medical services, mobile health vans, or disaster response teams.

AMD portable teleclinic Clinical Exam Applications Unit

Deployable Telemedicine Kit

The Deployable Telemedicine Kit is a simple compact Clinical Exam Applications solution that includes our AGNES Connect platform and the medical devices and equipment set up for primary care virtual visits. 

The flexibility of this small, desktop solution is that you can start small with the medical devices you need and then build on from there.  This solution is ideal for applications such as in-home health visits, school-based clinics, or community health services.

Integrate AGNES Connect® Platform


Add Specialty Medical Devices

Deployable Telemedicine Kit for Clinical Exam Applications

Telemedicine Kit Bundle

  • Primary Care Bundle includes: Multipurpose Camera & Scope, Interactive Stethoscope, Vital Signs Monitor, Digital Spirometer and AGNES software license.
  • Tablet docking station includes: Quad Core i5 Processor Tablet PC, Win10 Pro. Docking & Power Station with (5) USB ports, HDMI, DP, Ethernet port. Integrated 1080p 5MP front facing HD camera.
  • Come with a soft-sided carry bag

AMD Global Telemedicine’s Clinical Exam Applications are telemedicine systems designed to help provide remote patient care, and part of the AMD Global Telemedicine family of telehealth products and solutions.

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