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AMD Global Telemedicine is a telehealth technology provider that specializes in working alongside telemedicine physician service providers.

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As a physician service provider…

your practice plays an essential role in delivering the best care possible no matter where the patient is. Telehealth is a tool that is undeniably a critical component in today’s healthcare landscape, for your practice to expand your service area; reach patients where they frequent most (home and work); and provide the best possible care across the care continuum.

In order to offer the best possible telehealth experience, the virtual care experience needs to be as close to an in-person encounter as possible. The best telemedicine and telehealth solutions are designed to mimic the workflow of what clinicians and providers have grown to expect – convenience and ease-of-use.

That is where partnering with AMD fits into your telehealth program.

AMD’s approach to working with physician service providers is to take all of the organization’s needs in mind by identifying what they need their telehealth system to accomplish, and how we can help improve it. Identifying these answers allows AMD to work with you closely to provide true business value with your telemedicine and telehealth technology choice.

AMD’s cloud-based software AGNES Connect®, provides a platform for physician service providers to effectively interact with patients virtually, and create the ideal foundation for your telemedicine program to thrive and expand. With support service options world-wide, you can also be rest assured that AMD will be a true partner in your telehealth program, available for assistance and consultation when you need it.

MD Global Telemedicine works alongside telemedicine physician service providers.

When paired with current or new telemedicine medical devices and equipment, your ability to clinical examine and interact with patients will significantly improve. Increased assessment touch points and communication with your patients will result in the ability to triage, diagnose and treat more patients.

Not every physician service provider is the same, and neither are the patients they help. So why should you be stuck with a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all telemedicine solution?  Our solutions can also be white-labeled for your practice.

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