MedWand Partners with AMD Global Telemedicine to Enable Next Generation of Telehealth

by | Jul 27, 2021 | In the News

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Delivering Single Sign-On for Remote Clinical Exams into Existing EHR Systems

As the first outcome of their new alliance, the two companies will release AMD / MedWand
Connect: Virtual Care Clinic™. This new software provides seamless operation from
commonly used EHR solutions to support a seamless workflow between scheduling, clinical
quality telemedicine consultations, and two-way data exchange.

“In our company’s 30-year history of delivering remote healthcare solutions, the industry has never seen anything quite like this,” shared Eric Bacon, President, AMD Global Telemedicine. “Clinicians now have everything they need for primary care consults within a single MedWand device, eliminating the need for multiple vital sensors; and for the provider organization, we have enabled single password log-in for telemedicine consults through their existing EHR

Bacon adds, “From a single-entry point, clinicians can review a patient’s medical history, conduct a clinically accurate remote exam via MedWand, add their notes, and save all of these results directly back to the patient’s record within the EHR. This is a game changer.”

“Integrating our MedWand with existing Practice Management and EHR solutions eliminates the
most significant barrier to adoption of internet based virtual examinations,” said Robert Rose, President and COO, MedWand Solutions. “The key question has been: How do we enable clinicians to use these telemedicine tools without introducing yet another layer of software,
records storage, and complexity? Well, today we have that answer.”

Read MedWand’s full press release


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