MarathonHealth Testimonial

by | Jan 12, 2022 | Video Testimonials

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MarathonHealth Testimonial


I’m Michael Gonzalez, executive vice president of product and i work at Marathon Health.
Marathon Health operates on-site shared site and virtual health centers for large employers the problem that led us to AMD was how to connect a small remote on-site location to a centralized physician.
AMD’s technology has allowed us to build new healthcare solutions for our clients connecting centralized physicians to smaller on-site health centers located throughout the country. I recommend AMD for their great customer service the feature-rich technology their products provide and the simplicity with which our clinical team was able to learn the system and use it to provide our patients a great customer experience.


“AMD is a telehealth company that has always been dependable, and extremely knowledgeable in assisting with choosing the right equipment to meet our needs. Their customer service and technical support of our programs has been impeccable.”

Dr. Lisa Gwynn

Interim Division Chief, Child and Adolescent Health / University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

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