Louisiana Schools Receive Access to Care through Telemedicine

by | May 24, 2021 | Customer Success, School-Based Clinics

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Watch the full news story on KALB – Bridging the Great Health Divide: Grant expands access to healthcare in schools, nursing homes & clinics

The Louisiana Rural Health Association (LRHA) partners with LVMA to implement a rural telemedicine network that will expand access to health care services in 26 of Louisiana’s rural communities. Read the full article – School gets telemedicine access

The new (AMD) technology will connect students to physicians in what Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards is calling the most ambitions project in Louisiana. The purpose of the telemedicine program at these schools is to deliver care to student who would not otherwise have access to care.

“They can literally hop out of class, go see that nurse practitioner or that physician that’s on that other end of the line and then get either the medication or the different things that they need.” – Southern Evals CEO Taylor Cottano

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