3 Lessons Learned Over 30 Years Leading the Telemedicine Charge

by | Oct 28, 2022 | Blog

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Many people assume that telehealth began after the internet gained popularity, but that’s not so. AMD Global Telemedicine opened our doors as a telemedicine vendor more than 30 years ago. Our first niche was helping increase access to care for rural patient populations through medical devices that could be plugged into a video codec. To say that we were ahead of the times would be an understatement.

Three decades later, we’ve built a unique perspective thanks to our years in the telehealth solutions industry. Since then, our company and customer base have grown while technology has evolved. However, we’re still driven by the mission that’s always made us stand out: We take a fully consultative approach with our customers and empower them with the tools they need to deliver healthcare remotely with as little workflow friction as possible.

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We’ve always emphasized listening over selling, so we’ve learned much over the years. Here are some lessons we’ve held onto that strengthen our partnerships and offerings:

1. Customers deserve space to explain their needs fully.

One common telemedicine vendor mistake is going into a sale with a preset assumption of what the customer needs. It’s probably happened to you: Before you can dive into your challenges and share them, the sales representative pitches what they think is the solution. The problem? The sales rep didn’t listen first.

At AMD Global Telemedicine, we believe customers should be able to walk through their concerns thoroughly. For example, a customer might first say that her organization simply wants to build up its primary care, but the deeper desire might be for her organization to offer primary care remotely. Those are each different concepts and require unique telehealth solutions, which is why we take the time to really listen to and understand our customers’ needs.

Our client, Dr. Waseem Ghannam at TeleHealth Solution, explains our deep listening model best: “Whether you’re speaking with the president or the head of sales, you don’t feel like a customer. You feel like a partner,” Dr. Ghannam says. “I brought them some of our clinical challenges, and they were able to adapt their platform to our physician’s specific challenges and eliminated any barriers to adoption and clinical effectiveness.”

2. Customers need to be supported throughout the entire telehealth solutions journey.

AMD doesn’t want to be a single touchpoint on a customer’s search for the right telehealth solutions; we want to walk alongside them the whole time. From defining the original problem to streamlining user adoption and organizational buy-in, we’re passionate about sticking around for the long haul.

When we collaborate with our customers, we design something that can become their telemedicine program, not just our product. We can undoubtedly match our products and solutions to their workflows; in fact, we pride ourselves on being willing (and able) to adapt to every client’s unique needs. Our team doesn’t operate within a one-size-fits-all mindset. We do our best to get a complete idea of clients’ needs — including administration, IT, and clinical staff members.

Marathon Health gave us a great compliment when it said, “We recommend AMD Global Telemedicine for their great customer service and the simplicity with which our clinical team was able to learn the system and use it to provide our patients with a great customer experience.”

Supporting our customers through their telehealth journeys is our top priority. As your telemedicine vendor, we value making every experience with us extraordinary and rewarding.

3. Customers need individualized solutions to keep up with the evolving care continuum.

Telehealth is changing rapidly. As more patients and providers are adapting to telemedicine, hospitals and healthcare organizations are discovering that they have new unmet needs. AMD’s role is to develop a plan to meet those needs without just selling items off a price list.

We recognize that new challenges arise in the telemedicine field regularly, and we consider those challenges when designing our workable, sustainable telehealth solutions. Our job isn’t to dictate but to counsel you, and we have extensive experience and technology to draw from as your trusted advisors offering individualized solutions.

For example, say one customer wants to do acute rounding at a high-intensive hospital. In that case, we can provide the talking head cart with a pan-tilt Zoom camera, speaker, and microphone so the client can accomplish that goal. On the other hand, another customer might want to start offering patient care in the home, which is a completely different application with a different set of devices and challenges. With our breadth of software and solutions, we can provide the necessary technology to help the client grow.

Thirty years on the leading edge of telemedicine are something to celebrate. We look forward to committing our energies, resources, and innovative thinking to customer-centric telehealth solutions for at least 30 more.

Want to learn more about how our expertise has resulted in our customers’ success? Check out our success stories and video testimonials.

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