Just listen: Formulating telemedicine solutions to customer’s specific challenges

by | Dec 18, 2018 | Blog

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But before your healthcare organization can get behind telemedicine, it is well worth your time to find a telehealth technology provider who takes the time to make sure their solution fits into your organization’s workflow, instead of just selling you their products.

Tailored telemedicine over a one-size-fits-all approach

You might have a basic idea of what telemedicine entails, but it’s not a generalized product. Telemedicine is meant to be form fitted around an organization, providing the tools and software needed to meet goals. Dismiss the one-size-fits-all thought and embrace the fact that telehealth solutions are customizable. From various carts and systems to telemedicine encounter management and Jenysis telehealth clinics, AMD has listened to its customers and developed a variety of options to choose from that can be tailored to patients wants and needs.

Collaborative relationships replace transactional selling

Any telemedicine provider can sell products and call it a day. With AMD, we prioritize creating collaborative relationships with our customers. It’s not just about meeting a sales bottom line; it’s about making a memorable connection with healthcare organizations and their providers who feel satisfied with the services and confident in the solution.

AMD Global Telemedicine takes pride in building strong relationships with our customers. This enables us to better articulate your needs and then tailor telehealth tools and software that fit into the necessary workflows and address the needs of the patients. One such example is our customer, TeleHealth Solution who is effectuating a major change within post-acute care settings by offering their telemedicine services to help avoid CMS re-admission penalties.

“AMD’s team is hands down spectacular,” complimented Waseem Ghannam, MD, MBA, MHSA, CEO and co-founder of TeleHealth Solution. “Whether you’re speaking with the president or the head of sales, you don’t feel like a customer. You feel like a partner. I brought them some of our clinical challenges and they were able to adapt their platform to our physician’s specific challenges and eliminated any barriers to adoption and clinical effectiveness.”

Dr. Ghannam admits that many of the accomplishments – such as an 800 percent company growth in just one year – made by TeleHealth Solutions wouldn’t be possible without the relationship they formed with AMD.

“The expansion of our company could not have happened without AMD,” Dr. Ghannam shared. “It couldn’t have happened if they had not listened to what we needed, supported us through the transition and provided a platform solution that was scale-able.”

Facilities will have issues finding the best telemedicine company to work with if they’re just looking for a vendor, Dr. Ghannam noted. “It’s looking for a partner, not looking for a vendor,” he said. “That’s where our success came from.”

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