In a ripening telemedicine market, experience can’t be beat

by | Apr 11, 2016 | Blog

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While there are a number of reasons healthcare organizations are investing in this technology, the idea of using remote communication to support patients and improve access is nothing new. AMD Global Telemedicine has been proudly offering telemedicine solutions for 25 years, and as a pioneer in the industry, we have the unique experience to make any endeavor successful.

Part I: Why now

Increasing patient volume is helpful for practices dealing with a new financial landscape. Likewise, new communities are seeking treatment and health services as a result of the affordable care act, despite the fact that many rural areas don’t always have the necessary infrastructure to support.

“Telemedicine initiatives can be instrumental in lowering costs.”

The healthcare industry as a whole is becoming more invested in technology solutions that cut costs and improve efficiency, and telemedicine is effective in that realm for a number of reasons. The ability to communicate remotely with video conferencing and other tools gives physicians the ability to reach those rural patients, as well as consult with individuals who may need a quick check-in rather than a full in-person visit. In this way, general practices and specialty facilities can expand coverage beyond geographic proximity and bring in new customers. Likewise, Healthcare Finance News found that telemedicine initiatives can be instrumental in lowering costs.

Part II: Why AMD

As one of the oldest and most reputable vendors in the telemedicine space, AMD can provide support like no other telemedicine technology partner can. More to the point, however, this extensive experience has helped us design solutions and develop products that are made specifically for telemedicine applications, making them as user friendly and comprehensive as possible. Although there are a lot of great products on the market today that are useful for telemedicine, not all of them were built with telemedicine in mind initially.

Experience and a proven track record go a long way in an industry that has seen great change in the 25 years that AMD has been delivering telemedicine solutions. Selecting a telemedicine provider who has “been there, done that” means partnering with an organization that has seen what leads to failure and knows what it takes to succeed. With over 8,700 patient end-points across 98 different countries around the globe, AMD boasts the largest telemedicine device portfolio in the industry.

As the first telemedicine company to aggregate medical device data in real-time, AMD has been on the cutting edge of advanced healthcare communications for quite some time now and an open system platform for connected devices means consistent access to high-quality medical data. Similarly, by integrating video conferencing directly, healthcare organizations can adopt telemedicine without extensive hardware infrastructure.

These user-friendly systems and forward thinking has allowed AMD users to be fruitful in all sorts of endeavors, whether treating patients in rural communities, inmates at a remote facility or in the field helping communities far from traditional healthcare systems.

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