How your clinical staff can benefit from telemedicine

by | Feb 5, 2018 | Blog

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Here are a few of the ways telemedicine can benefit your clinical staff:

1. Improved workflows

By trusting in an innovative solution like telemedicine, workplace responsibilities shift, which can ultimately improve the workflow of your clinical staff, as stated by Courtney Lyles, PhD, of the University of California, San Francisco, and Urmimala Sarkar, MD. MPH, of UCSF and Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital.

“By trusting in telemedicine, workplace responsibilities shift.”

“Although these implementation solutions seem straightforward and clear, they actually represent cultural shifts in work responsibilities, as well as expectations on the part of both primary care and specialty professionals and staff,” according to Lyles, as reported by mHealth Intelligence.

When your staff can rely on telemedicine to capture each reason for patient visits, identify necessary resources and provide treatment guidelines simultaneously, they can focus on other responsibilities.

2. Collaboration on medical support

Continuing education is key, regardless of your chosen industry. With telemedicine, health care professionals are enabled to collaborate on care and not only learn from each other’s decisions but also utilize educational resources.

Because telehealth solutions will continue to upgrade, your clinical staff will be expected to learn new processes and acquire necessary skills to use the system properly and effectively. Furthermore, this requirement can enable the health care professionals in your facility to attend certification training and classes together, better equipping them for collaborative medical support for care in the future. Communication is the key to success, and well-educated care collaboration can help your facility use telemedicine to its fullest extent.

3. Closes the gap in specialty referral

Telemedicine has the ability to guide clinical staff towards a better, more precise diagnosis, thus improving clinical coordination for specialty care. Instead of simply sending patients away with referrals, primary care professionals can obtain immediate consults by connecting with specialists for the patient and pointing them in the right direction towards care. Gone are the days of expecting patients to schedule a separate appointment after a recommendation – telemedicine consults allow patients to video conference with specialists on the spot.

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