How telemedicine can benefit patients during the cold winter months

by | Dec 8, 2017 | Blog

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Telemedicine to the rescue

When hospitals and other medical facilities take advantage of telemedicine, specifically during winter, they offer their patients another layer of support and access to care when assistance seems out of reach. The Lowville Lewis County General Hospital, a partnership with St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center in Syracuse, New York, currently offers video conferencing options for patients struggling with seasonal affective disorder to speak with a psychiatrist when they can’t make it to the facility.

“We have some very high-tech equipment,” Michele Prince, director of ancillary services at Lewis County General Hospital, told Watertown Daily Times. “The patient that is sitting on our end actually sees the provider from St. Joseph’s in real-time. It’s a very big, high-quality screen.”

Winter weather makes it hard for patients to travel distances to see their doctor.

By making patients feel like they’re sitting in the same room as their care providers, Prince feels that patients are more comfortable and secure receiving care, especially when they don’t have to withstand a difficult and dangerous commute during winter.

Physicians in Ontario, Canada – where winters can also be rough – feel the same about telemedicine. Researchers at the School of Nursing at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay found that patients and families who utilized video telehealth consultations in Canada stated that it lessened the burden of travel, maximized the support systems and enhanced patient and family needs by tailoring the system to them specifically.

But at-home telelmedicine isn’t always an option, given cost, reliable internet access during storms, and other factors. Still, even when at-home services are unavailable, some hospitals use telemedicine to interact with their patients who can only make it to a nearby facility, local clinic or even school. Giving your patients the ability to interact with specialists via telemedicine from a familiar, accessible location can give them the comfort and peace of mind to receive care during the winter.

How AMD Telemedicine can help

By integrating telemedicine solutions into your facility, you can enhance care coordination and organization across the board. Additionally, reaching patients and families who find it troublesome to get to your facility after a snowstorm will come with ease. Telehealth practice allows you to facilitate the care and assistance for your patients in a time of need, which is especially endearing around the holidays.

For more information on telemedicine implementation, contact AMD Global Telemedicine directly.

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