How new PTZ camera control technology is advancing telemedicine

by | Dec 9, 2016 | Blog

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For that reason, the announcement of a new universal pan-tilt-zoom technology for video conferencing is especially exciting. A pioneer and leader in clinical telemedicine, AMD Global Telemedicine has always sought to help providers deliver the best possible care, and PTZ controls represent an important next step in telemedicine technology. AMD was able to build a PTZ control feature that delivers impressive new capabilities for physicians without compromising ease of use or workflow disruptions. As such, physicians can have more targeted and effective telemedicine sessions, administrators need not worry about logistical concerns, and above all else, patients benefit from remote care that is effective, reliable and convenient.

Even greater control

As AMD Vice President of Global Sales and Corporate Development Dan McCafferty explained, this technology wasn’t viable even a few years ago.

“Remote PTZ camera control for clinicians has been a challenge in this market for some time. Increased usage of web-based software video conferencing solutions, and new lower-cost entries into the camera market further exacerbated the issue,” he said.

In offering universal PTZ controls, AMD has given physicians greater flexibility for how they can deliver high-quality healthcare to remote patients. Because the new system is embedded directly into the AGNES Interactive platform, there is no need for additional downloads or plug ins. This eliminates any disruptions to workflow or any technical headaches. Instead, a physician can use the PTZ controls directly on a web browser and get a clearer assessment of a patient.

Smooth integration

A new system or digital tool might offer impressive capacities, but if it doesn’t integrate with existing software or devices, adoption can frustrating or impossible.

“Patients benefit from remote care that is effective, reliable and convenient.”

The new PTZ control feature is designed to work with leading video conferencing solutions and software. This includes Vidyo Desktop, VidyoWeb, Polycom RealPresence, Zoom and BlueJeans. Likewise, PTZ control can be achieved with some of the industry’s most common camera systems such as Logitech, Vaddio, Sony and Minrray.

The PTZ camera control feature is available with the purchase of AGNES Interactive and as an upgrade for current AGNES Interactive customers. To find out more, please contact AMD Global Telemedicine at 978-937-9021.

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