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AMD Global Telemedicine is a telehealth technology provider that specializes in working alongside health systems like yours.

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As a healthcare system…

you are capable of utilizing your large networks to deliver vital care to a large number of patients. But even with your large networks, limitations on care often still present an issue for healthcare providers trying to reach their rural patients. A patient’s remote location can prevent them from receiving the necessary care even from your affiliated rural health centers since they typically have limited specialties and physician shortages. Staffing issues may prevent you from regularly having an important skill set on location at a skilled nursing facility or providing immediate care at an urgent facility center.

Even with a large network of care centers, your integrated healthcare system has the potential to provide expanded, more comprehensive care to your patients through telehealth solutions. AMD offers cloud-based telemedicine platforms and customizable equipment that provide integrated healthcare systems with an enterprise-wide solution to increase a patient’s access to care.

Utilizing custom telehealth software engineered by AMD, like AGNES Connect®, and our available telemedicine equipment, you can extend your available services at all Hospitals, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Urgent Facility Centers, Rural Health Centers, and anywhere else they provide care. This in turn, provides real business value for your organization to increase patient retention and develop new opportunities for growth in services.

Rural health centers will increase their capabilities of interacting with remote patients. Specialists at one hospital and other care facilities will always have the capabilities of treating a patient, even if staffing limitations mean they won’t always be available to be on-location.

AMD's telehealth solutions work alongside your integrated healthcare systems

AMD’s approach…

to expand a health system’s telemedicine program is to start by taking all of your organization’s needs in mind; identifying what needs the telehealth program has to accomplish; reviewing the existing workflow and IT infrastructure; and determining how we can help improve it. These answers allow AMD to easily build a totally unique and customizable telehealth solution for each of our customers.

With support service options worldwide, you can also be rest assured that AMD will be a true partner in your telehealth program, available for assistance and consultation when you need it.

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