Elevating Healthcare Delivery with AGNES Connect®

by | Sep 18, 2023 | Blog

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Elevating Healthcare Delivery with AGNES Connect®: A Holistic Telehealth Solution

In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare, telehealth has emerged as a transformative force. Healthcare organizations are increasingly recognizing the value of virtual visits to expand their telehealth programs. This article delves into the unique value propositions of AGNES Connect®, tailor-made for healthcare organizations looking to enhance their telehealth services to address more patients and additional specialties with remote clinical examinations.

Elevate with AGNES Connect

Seamless Live Access for Clinical Examinations

AGNES Connect® delivers 100% live access to patients. Through a secure collaborative platform, remote specialists can seamlessly connect with patients in real-time to perform clinician-led examinations using specialty medical devices. Furthermore, crucial data from these connected devices is streamed in real-time through our application, providing clinicians with immediate insights for more informed decision-making.

Integration With EMRs

Efficiency and accuracy are paramount in healthcare technology for virtual care, and AGNES Connect® recognizes this. Our platform supports the latest HL7 and FHIR standards, so it can be set up to directly pull patient demographics from the EHR and push encounter reports and data from the connected medical devices back into the EHR. This process significantly simplifies the documentation for virtual visits and enhances data integrity.

Physician Mobility and Management

AGNES Connect® offers complete physician mobility, allowing remote users to securely access one or multiple exam sites via a user-friendly web-based interface. The Facility Manager tool simplifies telemedicine consult management across multiple patient locations, all within a unified platform. This empowers healthcare providers to efficiently oversee and coordinate care across diverse settings, ensuring a consistent standard of care.

Enterprise-Wide Scalability and Security

Leveraging a robust cloud-based infrastructure, AGNES Connect® enables healthcare systems and centers of excellence to securely manage multiple telehealth sites. It serves as a centralized access point for delivering care in collaboration with local provider networks. This enterprise-wide scalability not only ensures the efficient expansion of telehealth services but also maintains the highest standards of data security and compliance.

Cost-Efficient Licensing Model

AGNES Connect® offers a cost-efficient licensing model that eliminates user fees and doctor fees. Instead, healthcare organizations pay a one-time licensing fee per sending site, with flexible monthly subscription or one-time fee options available. This transparent pricing structure allows for unlimited remote users and receiving sites, making telehealth adoption financially viable and sustainable.

In a healthcare landscape that demands flexibility, accessibility, and security, AGNES Connect® stands out as a holistic telehealth solution. Its unique value propositions, including live access from any location, seamless telemedicine EMR integration, physician mobility, enterprise-wide scalability, and cost-efficient licensing make it an ideal choice for healthcare organizations seeking to enhance their telehealth programs. AGNES Connect® not only meets the immediate needs of patients and providers but also positions healthcare organizations for a digitally driven future of healthcare delivery.

To learn more about how AGNES Connect® can help you enhance your telehealth services and deliver more value to your patients, request a demo today.

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