Eastern Montana Telemedicine Network Receives ATA President’s Award

by | Aug 28, 2002 | In the News

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The American Telemedicine Association (ATA) is pleased to announce that the Eastern Montana Telemedicine Network (EMTN) is the winner of the 2002 ATA President’s Award for the Advancement of Telemedicine. The presentation took place at the ATA Annual Meeting’s opening session in Los Angeles in June. The award, sponsored by AMD Telemedicine (AMD), was established to recognize the Telemedicine project, program or institution that has made a substantial contribution toward the advancement of telemedicine. Programs are nominated by the worldwide membership of the ATA. A panel of distinguished experts in the field of medicine and technology selected EMTN from a list of nominated programs from the programs from three nations. EMTN was cited for “the long term success of its program, its contribution to the advancements of telemedicine through its annual EMTN Symposium and for the person contribution of its Director, Thelma McClosky Armstrong. Mark VanderWerf, President of AMD Telemedicine stated ” It is with great pleasure that we make this award for true excellence in a telemedicine program on behalf of the ATA and it is a personal pleasure to hand this award to a very special friend and supporter of telemedicine.” Thelma McClosky Armstrong, Director of EMTN, accepted the award on behalf of the EMTN program, its staff, the clinics and people the program serves. She gave special thanks to all the members and friends of the ATA for their continuing support.

About The American Telemedicine Association
The American Telemedicine Association, the world’s largest telemedicine and e-health association, promotes greater access to medical care via telecommunications technology. Headquartered in Washington, DC, ATA works closely with medical societies, governments and regulators and others to resolve barriers to the advancement of telemedicine through the professional, ethical and equitable improvement in health care delivery. Membership in the Association is composed of both individual professionals and organizations. They can be contacted through their web site at: www.americantelemed.org.

About AMD Telemedicine
AMD Global Telemedicine is the leading, worldwide supplier of telemedicine equipment and technology devices used in telemedicine with more than 5,000 installed sites in 74 countries. AMD devices and tConsult™ software products offer clinically acclaimed, cost-effective solutions for the most challenging medical applications. AMD also provides complete technical support in program design, device integration, training, and remedial service to assure a successful program implementation. For more information on AMD Telemedicine, please visit www.amdtelemedicine.com, email pr@amdtelemedicine.com,or call 866-511-0923.

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