Discover AGNES Connect: How AMD’s latest software prioritizes enterprise-wide telehealth

by | Jan 27, 2022 | Blog

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“We understand how important it is for our customers to have technology that enables them to deliver the best care possible, and at the same time makes the workflow easy to support,” commented Eric Bacon, President of AMD Global Telemedicine. “The technology behind AGNES Connect is geared towards supporting our customers through their expansion into enterprise-wide telehealth programs.”

Cloud computing enables greater reach and scalability for your health care facility.Cloud computing, EMR integration, and medical device integration enable greater reach and scalability for your health care facility.

Below, we’ve highlighted why scalability is essential to every health system, and how AGNES Connect™ supports expansion goals within healthcare systems.

Why is scalability so important?

Cloud-based healthcare is essential to sustain the future of the industry. Cloud capabilities allow providers to enhance care accessibility and security to meet patient needs. As a healthcare organization in today’s competitive landscape, if you don’t scale to provide your patients with more convenient care, you will lose them to other providers who are already doing so. Telehealth technology that has a cloud-based infrastructure makes it much easier to expand your service offerings to include things like:

  • Specialty consultations from remote networked providers.
  • On-demand virtual visits to “see” patients at home or work.
  • Follow-up care appointments to reduce the burden of unnecessary travel.
  • Chronic disease management programs to reduce the likelihood of ER visits.

According to Becker’s Health IT & CIO Report, providers are thoroughly interested in a future that involves telemedicine platforms that are willing to weave different service lines to enable a connection to the care enterprise. Scalable platforms enable providers to meet various wants and needs of patients, thus providing satisfaction, convenience, and more.

How does AGNES Connect benefit healthcare systems?

With AGNES Connect, healthcare providers receive added functionality to remotely manage and scale telemedicine programs across a broader spectrum of facilities. Increased scalability makes it easier for providers to enable more access points, thus treating more patients at network sites. With AGNES Connect™, your facility gains:

  • Facility access management tools.
  • Cloud-supported automatic software updates.
  • Simplified firewall transversal.
  • Cloud-to-cloud HL7 integration.
  • Live EKG streaming.
  • New notes templates.
  • Simplified clinical workflow and easy-to-use interface design.

Web-based telemedicine software like AGNES Connect™ was designed as a collaborative patient assessment tool for enterprise-wide health that allows you to accomplish all of your goals in one place. It allows providers to capture and share medical device data, exchange medical images in real-time and participate in live video conferences from the same platform.

As the leading developer of telehealth solutions across the globe, AMD is constantly pushing toward a health care system that embraces telehealth as a technology tool to enable them to take care of patients at a larger scale. Discover how AGNES Connect can improve your facility today.

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