CETF Has Proven Telehealth to Improve Quality of Care

by | May 8, 2023 | Customer Success

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The Challenge:

Staff burnout and burdened workloads

In a time when the need and demand for telehealth skyrocketed, hospitals and medical facilities were at their lowest ability to make the necessary digital transformation. Between staff burnout and workloads
too burdened to make room for new technology, driving user adoption would be a legendary challenge.

The Approach:

Tailored training for each partnering hospital site with boots-on-the-ground support.

One of the first lessons that training with AMD taught CETF and its partnering hospitals was that each rollout for each facility would be unique. The specialists and physicians for each site needed personalized, pre-planned, and continuous training support to make that digital leap. For CETF, making this pivot with AMD was a game-changer.

“As our facilities experienced frequent turnover, AMD’s support for this project was commendable! The AMD staff contributed numerous hours of training and re-training, addressed cybersecurity and connectivity issues, and problem-solved as needed.”

Barb Yellowlees, Chair, CETF Telehealth Committee

The Outcome:

Staff adoption of telehealth, decreased patient transfers to hospitals, and reduced healthcare costs

CETF’s project proved telehealth decreases patient transfers to hospitals, reducing costs and spread of COVID — and providers and patients are comfortable using telehealth when trained properly.
  • 20% of patient transfers were prevented
  • Reduction in transportation-related healthcare costs and COVID transmission
  • 94% of patients were comfortable with telehealth
  • Telehealth improved the quality of care in 88% of visits

What our customers are saying …

Dr. Lisa Gwynn

“AMD is a telehealth company that has always been dependable, and extremely knowledgeable in assisting with choosing the right equipment to meet our needs. Their customer service and technical support of our programs has been impeccable.”

Dr. Lisa Gwynn
Interim Division Chief, Child and Adolescent Health / University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Ryan Baker, MHA

“After searching and speaking with many companies I found AMD Global Telemedicine to be trustworthy and realistic when setting expectations on their deliverables. They spent the time to really work with us to develop a telemedicine solution that fit out individual company needs.”

Ryan Baker, MHA

Dr. Waseem Ghannam

“Best in class technology and world class service! The team at AMD Global Telemedicine help power organizations in serving patients, via their HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform.”

Dr. Waseem Ghannam

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