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by | Jun 3, 2016 | Blog

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For that reason, some of AMD’s most impressive success stories over the years have happened around the world. Through the use of local nurses and other clinical staff, doctors can provide meaningful, high-quality healthcare to some of most remote areas on earth. Here is just a small sample of how telemedicine has changed the lives of folks all over the globe.

Expanding care in Rural Iceland

At the Kirkjubaejarklaustur clinic, located on the southern shores of Iceland, there is a tremendous ebb and flow in patient volume as seasonal tourists come and go with the warm summer weather. At its peak, the clinic can see up to 60 patients a day.

Using the AGNES Interactive telemedicine platform, consulting specialists can help treat patients in real-time. Cardiologists and other doctors can provide care remotely using video tools, greatly improving the capacity of the small clinic.

Iceland is a beautiful but remote landscape.

Disaster relief in the Philippines

In Nov. 2013, Typhoon Hayian struck the eastern shores of the Philippines. The storm caused unbelievable destruction, and for a country with 98 million people, providing adequate healthcare in the wake of the disaster was a critical but difficult task.

Powered by solar panels and batteries, relief staff used video connections with doctors in many different healthcare networks. Those working in the disaster area used AMD’s telemedicine devices, such as exam cameras and digital stethoscopes. The effects were profound, and in one example, physicians in Arizona were able to accurately diagnose tuberculosis in disaster patients.

Country-wide telemedicine deployment in Bolivia

Bolivia is a nation with a larger rural population spread across dense jungles and high-alpine communities. At the same time, there are just 7 doctors per 10,000 inhabitants to serve the entire country.

In 2013, the Ministry of Health outlined a program that would use telemedicine to bring healthcare to the entire country. By connecting major hospitals with hundreds of remote municipal sites across Bolivia, there were improvements made in access to care and the quality of treatment in less than 18 months time. Through the introduction of telemedicine encounter management software, medical devices, and training services, the hope of delivering better care to millions of Bolivians was realized and the program continues to grow. Since the program’s inception, they have carried out 16,000 telemedicine consults

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