AMD at ATA Conference & Expo

March 4-6, 2023 – San Antonio, TX
Booth #1106

Solutions Featured in Our Booth:

A Single Platform Solution to Deliver Care throughout the Continuum

AGNES Connect, AMD’s core solution, stands apart from other telehealth platforms because it allows remote providers to do a virtual exam with clinical medical devices, simultaneous to the video visit, and then save the encounter documents directly to their EMR. Learn more

The platform integrates data from medical devices that address low-acuity to high-acuity care, without the need to add another layer of technology to address your increasing needs.


    Clinician and patient having a virtual consult with AGNES Connect

    Beyond Just Video Visits

    AMD Global Telemedicine makes it easy for you by acting as a “Single-Source Solution” for your virtual care technology needs, delivering a simple solution that can be used for multiple care settings and specialties. Our solutions include virtual care platforms, clinical medical devices, and point-of-care solutions.

    AMD works alongside you to create and support customized solutions that will align with your value streams and can:

    • Scale
    • Easily integrate with your other virtual health solutions
    • Support hybrid models and closely match in-person workflows

      Image of single source with AMD logo

      Tele ICU Assistant: Critical Care Onsite and Remotely

      See how our AGNES Connect platform technology is being leveraged for Tele-ICU care! This combined integration solution between AMD and DocBox is truly changing the playing field for ICU care! Remote critical care clinicians can now have access to automated continuous real-time patient health documentation for monitoring from anywhere. Stop by for a quick demo so you can see for yourself how this solution:

      • Reduces the need for on-site visits in the ICU
      • Provides a flexible and dynamic environment for remote patient care

      Learn more about Tele ICU Assistant

      ICU bed with patient and clinician and AGNES Connect

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