AMD Telemedicine Presents ATA’s President’s Award To Medical Missions For Children At Annual Conference

by | May 5, 2008 | In the News

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Tenth Consecutive Year Of Telemedicine Leader’s Sponsorship Of Award

At the recent 13th Annual International meeting of the American Telemedicine Association (ATA), AMD Telemedicine presented Medical Missions for Children (MMC), an organization committed to improving the health of children in underserved communities around the world, with the 2008 ATA President’s Award.

Steven Normandin, President of AMD Telemedicine, the leading provider of telemedicine hardware and software solutions with over 5000 installations in more than 72 countries and sponsor of the ATA President’s Award, made the presentation during the annual ATA conference, this year being held in Seattle, Washington.

MMC is a medically-focused charity located at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Paterson New Jersey. Founded in 1999 by Frank and Peg Brady, MMC through their Telemedicine Outreach Program have facilitated medical treatment for over 25,000 children in 88 countries around the world. Medical Missions has developed a knowledge bridge that connects physicians and other medical professionals in medically underserved areas to some of the finest medical facilities in the United States and Europe, transferring medical knowledge from those who have it to those who need it.

“Medical Missions for Children does truly worthy work and much of this work is done with the aid of telemedicine,” said Steven Normandin. “MMC has created an effective and vital network that uses telemedicine to help critically ill children all over the world. It is a very deserving group and we are delighted to name MMC the recipient of the 2008 ATA President’s Award.” “Receiving this award from ATA, an association of our peers is indeed a great honor. We are also grateful to AMD for the accompanying donation. AMD and MMC have worked together in Armenia and other countries around the world with great success and we value them as a technological partner and friend,” said Frank J. Brady, Chairman, Medical Missions for Children. The ATA President’s Award is given to institutions that advance the use of telemedicine. The award is presented annually at the ATA International Meeting and Exposition held every spring. AMD Telemedicine has underwritten the award since 1999. Previous recipients include: University of New Mexico, University of CaliforniaĞDavis, Ontario Telemedicine Network, Alaska Federal Healthcare Access Network, Missouri Telehealth Network, Eastern Montana Telemedicine Network, Arizona Telemedicine Network, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Kansas University Telemedicine Services. The ATA is the leading resource and advocate promoting access to medical care for consumers and health professionals via telecommunications technology. ATA seeks to bring together diverse groups from traditional medicine, academic medical centers, technology and telecommunications companies, e-health, medical societies, government and others to overcome barriers to the advancement of telemedicine through the professional, ethical and equitable improvement in health care delivery.

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