AMD Reports Growing Demand for Telemedicine in Global Marketplace

by | Jul 29, 2008 | In the News

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Expansion of telemedicine worldwide; Telemedicine projects and implementations increasing around the globe.

AMD Global Telemedicine reports increased demand for products worldwide. In the last quarter, AMD has received orders and has shipped products to support new projects in countries such as; Canada, China, Greece, Greenland, India, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Spain, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.

Dan McCafferty, Director of Global Sales and Corporate Development at AMD Global Telemedicine explains that “AMD has historically done a good job of supporting International Telemedicine projects however, recently we have seen a general and well distributed increase in Telemedicine worldwide. We attribute this to three things; the continued technological advances in telemedicine which open more doors for telemedicine use, the continuing gap between rural residents and urban medical resources and our International staff and worldwide network of resellers. This is an expanding market with more and more countries interested in its main stream utilization.” The lack of healthcare access between urban and rural geographies in many countries drives communities to reevaluate healthcare access making telemedicine a remarkable alternative. According to Telemedicine in rural India, published in 2006, “In India, nearly 75% of the population lives in rural villages, and more than 75% of doctors are based in cities.” These circumstances stand true in many countries across the world.

Steve Normandin, President of AMD explains, “Telemedicine is an essential tool in geographic areas where distance is a barrier for obtaining proper healthcare as well as a great cost cutting opportunity for single payer systems and national health plans. We are excited to see the market growing not only domestically, but internationally as well.”

About AMD Telemedicine
AMD Global Telemedicine is the leading, worldwide supplier of telemedicine equipment and technology devices used in telemedicine with more than 5,000 installed sites in 74 countries. AMD devices and tConsult™ software products offer clinically acclaimed, cost-effective solutions for the most challenging medical applications. AMD also provides complete technical support in program design, device integration, training, and remedial service to assure a successful program implementation. For more information on AMD Telemedicine, please visit, email,or call 866-511-0923.

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