AMD Gobal Telemedicine’s Highlights for ATA 2019
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Enterprise-wide telehealth : announcing AGNES Connect

AGNES Connect is a web-based platform for collaborative patient assessment that enables healthcare organizations to deliver enterprise-wide telehealth programs. AMD Global Telemedicine has expanded our cloud-based infrastructure capabilities to deliver a solution that manages multiple telehealth sites through one access point to deliver care. More details
Seamless virtual visits and documentation: OnDemand Visit

OnDemand Visit® is a direct-to-consumer telehealth platform that eliminates the need for patients to travel to an appointment for simple acute conditions, follow-up appointments or chronic disease management. OnDemand Visit®, gives your organization the ability to manage and document your own virtual care offerings, as an alternative to outsourcing your telemedicine needs. More details

Virtual Care Continuum, powered by Fujitsu
See what’s new with our telemedicine technologies that foster healthcare collaboration. With our open systems approach we design our solutions to be interoperable with other digital healthcare technologies. Telemedicine technologies showcased this year in our booth cover the complete virtual care continuum:
Patient encounter management software, with EMR integration.
Integrated Medical Devices – stream live medical images/video to remote providers.
Telemedicine systems – from desktop solutions and carts to suitcases and wall-mount units, customized to fit your individual application needs.
The technology and solutions in our booth are powered by Fujtisu.
Full hemodynamic profile – get your free cardiac test

AMD brings to you MyNICas ,a portable non- invasive hemodynamic monitoring system designed for telehealth applications to provide full hemodynamic profiles including cardiac output and fluids status. This wireless, mobile device is integrated with our telemedicine platform so healthcare professionals can run the tests on a patient and then share it with a remote cardiologist for analysis. Stop by our booth to take the test in minutes and receive the report to take home.
Free Prizes!
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Fujitsu Notebook or PocketCloud Wireless Storage
Presentation Schedule:
Sunday, April 14 at 1:30 pm
AGNES Connect Demo: Enterprise-Wide Telehealth

Ron Emerson, RN BSN,
Global Director of Strategic and Partner Development,
AMD Global Telemedicine
Sunday, April 14 at 5:00 pm
AMD’s Virtual Care Continuum
Monday, April 15 at 1:15 pm
AGNES Connect Demo: Enterprise-Wide Telehealth
Monday, April 15 at 9:15 am
How Telehospitalist Improve Clinical Care and the Bottom Line

Jason Perlman, MD, MHS,
Clinical Professor, President and Co-Founder,
TeleHealth Solution
Come stop by our booth to discuss your specific program requirements.


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