AMD Global Telemedicine Launches Virtual Portal to Streamline COVID-19 Test Results

by | Jul 16, 2020 | In the News

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 Direct Health, a new virtual online database and patient portal, helps healthcare organizations automate the delivery of test results to an increasing COVID-19 patient population.

Chelmsford, MA, July 16, 2020–AMD Global Telemedicine Inc. (AMD), the leading developer of digital healthcare technology for organizations around the world, launches a new virtual portal to streamline the process of notifying patients of their COVID-19 test results. Direct Health helps healthcare organizations be more efficient with delivering results to a growing COVID-19 patient population.

Healthcare organizations that are tasked with providing COVID-19 test results to patients are overwhelmed with calls and patient requests for results. Direct Health gives patients a HIPAA complaint and easy way to get their own results via access to the portal; and allows healthcare practioners to view results, patient log-in activity and any other related data. The Direct Health virtual portal frees up staff time exponentially, allowing them to focus on their clinical workload instead of spending hours on the phone communicating confirmed results or the status of results. Lab results are automatically uploaded to the Direct Health portal thorough our FHIR and API integration. SMS text messages are sent in real time to patients to notify them their test results are ready, Patients then log onto the HIPAA compliant portal and review their results with an audit trail of the delivery created.

As of July 13, there have now been over forty million COVID-19 tests administered in the United Sates, with around nine percent being positive, according to the Center for Disease Control (CDC). “We look at this virtual portal as a way to help give back time to the healthcare systems and their staff,” commented Eric Bacon, President of AMD Global Telemedicine. Hospitals, lab centers, urgent care facilities and any other practitioners ordering COVID-19 tests, are now faced with the challenge of ensuring all patients tested are notified of their results. “Direct Health automates the delivery of rest results in real time to patients. With 90% of test results being negative, Direct Health reduces the burden on health systems. Doctors’ offices are running short handed these days and Direct Health is the answer to the test results delivery problem,” added Bacon.

More information on the Direct Health virtual portal can be found at here contact us at +1-978-937-9021 to schedule an online demo.

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AMD Global Telemedicine has been a pioneer of Telemedicine and an industry leader in telehealth solutions for the last 30 years. AMD’s telehealth solutions include software platforms, integrated medical devices, and telemedicine systems that empower healthcare providers to deliver the highest possible level of care to any patient, anywhere, regardless of the circumstances.


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