AMD Global Telemedicine, Inc. Announces Steven Normandin, President, Elected Vice President of the International Society of Telemedicine and eHealth

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Steven Normandin takes on leadership role at ISfTeH

January 11, 2012, Chelmsford, MA – AMD Global Telemedicine, Inc. (AMD) announced today that its President, Steven Normandin, was elected Vice President of the International Society of Telemedicine and eHealth (ISfTeH) based out of Zurich, Switzerland.

“I am honored to be elected into the Vice President position for the International Society for Telemedicine and eHealth,” stated Normandin.  “Over the past decade, I have watched the organization evolve from a small society, to a society that represents over 70 countries and territories.   Our society is dedicated to facilitating the international dissemination of knowledge and experience in Telemedicine and eHealth and providing access to recognized experts in the field worldwide and I am committed to helping our Society achieve this goal.

Prior to his election as Vice President, Mr. Normandin served as a member of the Board of Directors of the ISfTeH for four years.  Mr. Normandin has been active in many industry associations over the years; including the Board of Directors of Canadian Society of Telehealth and the American Telemedicine Association, where he also served as Chairman of the Industry Council.  Steve also previously served on the AT&T Healthcare Executive Advisory Committee.

Presently Mr. Normandin is a member of the Executive Committee of the American Telemedicine Association Industry Council and a member of the Governing Board of Lowell General Hospital in Lowell, MA.  In 2006, Normandin was the first recipient of the annual “Industry Council Award for Leadership in the Advancement of Telemedicine” by the American Telemedicine Association.  In 2011, Steve was elected into the American Telemedicine Association College of Fellows.

About AMD
AMD Global Telemedicine, Inc. is the worldwide leading supplier of telemedicine technology, devices, and application software for both live telemedicine and store and forward consultations. AMD Global Telemedicine, Inc. offers the market’s preeminent diagnostic medical devices and tConsult™ Encounter Management Software that is equipped with device management, case creation, work flow and archival. AMD has over 6,600 installations in 83 countries and delivers solution design, turnkey installation, and training for telemedicine programs across the globe. For more information on AMD Global Telemedicine, please visit or call 866-449-8210/978-937-9021.

About ISfTeH
The International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth (ISfTeH), is the international federation of national associations who represent their country’s Telemedicine and eHealth stakeholders.  For more information on the ISfTeH, please visit

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