AMD Global Telemedicine Develops a School-Based Telemedicine Solution to Help Keep Children in School

by | Jun 16, 2013 | In the News

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Announcing Telemed ED, the First Clinical Telemedicine System Developed for School-Based Applications

Chelmsford, MA, June 16, 2013 – AMD Global Telemedicine Inc. (AMD), the world’s leading supplier of clinical Telemedicine Encounter Management Solutions (TEMS) TM, announced today the release of Telemed ED, a school-based clinical telemedicine system that allows children to be easily seen by a healthcare provider without having to leave school for an appointment.

Telemed ED (Telemedicine for Educational Deployment) was developed by AMD Global Telemedicine with the assistance of school practitioners, to help expand the access schools have to quality health resources. This all-in-one packaged system comes equipped with the hardware, software and medical devices needed to perform a clinical telemedicine exam on a child or teenager, to address common health issues such as ear infections, common colds, strep throat, and asthma.

“As a school-based healthcare provider and a user of several AMD products, I feel that Telemed ED provides high quality technology in an easy-to-use package for schools”, commented Steve North, MD, President and Founder, Center for Rural Health Innovation.

Telmed ED includes the following components: general examination camera; digital stethoscope; digital otoscope; AGNES –  a web-based telemedicine workspace;  mobile cart;  PC/monitor; printer/scanner/copier; webcam; speaker and microphone; adjustable chair; one year standard warranty; and domestic shipping.

“AMD Global Telemedicine recognizes how important healthcare management is for our children, and we feel strongly that telemedicine helps address the need to keep children healthy so they can stay in school,” commented Dan McCafferty, Vice President, Global Sales & Corporate Development, AMD Global Telemedicine. “We have packaged this school-based system into one solution in order to make it easy and cost-effective for schools to get their telemedicine programs up and running smoothly”, added McCafferty.

For more information about Telemed ED or a product demonstration, contact AMD Global Telemedicine at 1-866-511-0923 or visit

About AMD Global Telemedicine, Inc.

AMD Global Telemedicine, Inc. (AMD) is the leading provider of Telemedicine Encounter Management Solutions (TEMS) TM to over 7,200 patient end-points in more than 92 countries.

Since 1991, AMD has pioneered the development of clinical telemedicine as a way of bringing quality medical care to rural and underdeveloped areas around the world.  AMD provides personalized telemedicine solutions pairing our specialized diagnostic devices with our data aggregation and communication technologies, in order to connect a patient with a remote clinical healthcare provider. For more information on AMD Global Telemedicine please visit


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