4 Reasons to be addicted to telemedicine

by | Aug 10, 2016 | Blog

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The clinical applications of telemedicine are well-known, but a dirty little secret behind this powerful technology is that it’s actually pretty fun to use. A telemedicine encounter blends cutting edge healthcare services with whimsical science fiction fantasy, and as such, you may find that aside from improvements to daily workflow and patient outcomes, checking up on patients with telemedicine is rather addicting.

There’s no shame in enjoying everything telemedicine technology has to offer. Here are just a few of the more private reasons you may find yourself falling for telemedicine:

1. You feel like you’re a doctor in a galaxy far, far away.

Telemedicine is like something straight out of The Jetsons , and it’s difficult to not feel a little guilty and taken back that such a futuristic idea is already in full use.From the comfort of your office or home you can not only chat with patients hundreds of miles away but use encounter management software with connected medical devices to get a full diagnostic view of anything they may need.

From there, ping a pharmacist or specialist with follow-up advice or requests. You’ll feel like you’re in command of a futuristic space ship, when in reality you’ll simply be following through with the latest in healthcare.

The future of healthcare is here.

2. It makes your patients happy.

The benefits of telemedicine aren’t relegated to child-like infatuation with the technology. More to the point, telemedicine is one of the most effective ways of improving patient satisfaction. Appointments are easier to schedule and individuals living with mobility concerns, in areas without adequate healthcare services or any other concern can still have the warmth of a face-to-face encounter. In this way you can maintain strong relationships while also giving patients more choice when it comes to getting treated.

You may also find yourself treating patients many miles away, many of whom may never have had access to a primary care physician. Rural and inner-city patients alike are being connected to doctors many miles away, and this represents an opportunity to make a very meaningful impact.

3. You look great on video.

The latest telemedicine technology is remarkably modern, sleek and powerful, and you may find that you quite enjoy the experience of video conferencing for telemedicine consults. No longer do you need to contend with lagging connections, distorted images or blurry faces. Use crystal clear images to not only provide an accurate, high-quality diagnosis but to also flash your patients a friendly smile. Telemedicine encounters that leverage quality digital technologies can be so striking you may even be disappointed the next time you use video conferencing on your phone or personal computer.

4. You find yourself wanting to do it again.

Above all else, you may become addicted to telemedicine simply because the benefits are immediate and quite tangible. Using video conferencing will create new efficiencies during an individual appointment, as well as during your workday overall. This will reduce stress without compromising the patient relationships you value most. At the same time, telemedicine technology makes it possible to manage a higher volume of patients without a dramatic increase in workload or overhead.


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