12 Steps to Building a Telemedicine Program for Rural Hospitals

by | Aug 30, 2016 | Webinars

Archived Webinar

How Can You Build and Grow a Telemedicine Program?

This webinar is aimed to help rural health care professionals:

  • Understand the full potential and impact telemedicine makes at a rural facility for stroke patients.
  • What it takes to be a remote provider of telemedicine services.
  • How to get started with telemedicine and easily grow your program (12 steps)Incorporating these ideas into your current staffing process may prove to be a game-changer for your team and your ability to deliver high-quality care.

Webinar presented by AMD Global Telemedicine, a National Rural Health Association Platinum Partner.

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Agenda Topics: 

    Telemedicine Saves Lives 

    • How River Hospital is saving stroke patient’s lives.
    • What it takes to be a remote provider of telemedicine services.
    • Types of consults that are appropriate for telemedicine consults. 

    How to Implement Telemedicine Programs 

    • FDRHO program overview and patient population served.
    • Specialties addressed and applications served with telemedicine.
    • From 1 to 21! How progress was made to expand telemedicine projects (12 steps).


    Featured Presenters:

    Julius Gene S. Latorre, MD, MPH

    Medical Director Upstate University Hospital Comprehensive Stroke Center

    David C. Johnson

    Certified Telehealth Liaison Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Organization

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